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Proposal Details

Proposal ID327
ProposalCreation of an On-Line, Open Source Donor Database with Managed Permissions
PresenterGPUS Steering Committee
Floor ManagerJody Grage
Discussion11/26/2007 - 12/03/2007
Voting12/04/2007 - 12/10/2007
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum50 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


The Green Party of the United States currently depends on an
in-house Access based databse (db). The db has evolved over the
years to be a great tool for recording donor, candidate,
officeholder information; and for reporting on the progress of
fundraising programs. The drawback to it, however, is that the data
file is not online, and the software used to access the data is not
open source. This limits the number of people who have access to
valuable information. Another drawback is that on-line donations
must be entered twice since there is no seamless way to transfer
payments from online fundraising system (DiA), to our current

Early in 2007, the Steering Committee approved a plan to investigate
what it would take to move our donor database out of Access, and
into an online, secure, open source database with managed permissions.

Immediate Benefits:

  a.. Staff and Contractors to access and modify data from a remote
  b.. Automation of phone turf for Phone Bank Program, will cut down
on time spent sending turf to canvassers and allow for expansion of
  c.. State Green Parties to access supporter information quickly,
instead of waiting for the national office to send
  d.. Automatic data transfer of online contributions from online
 fundraising system (DiA) to the donor database, will cut down on
 time spent on data entry at national office
  e.. GPUS will own the database program, data will reside on our
 current server

Long Term Benefits

  a.. Since the program will be constructed with Open Source
software (CiviCRM/Drupal), we will be able to build on to it and
modify as needed
  b.. Replacement of subscription based online-fundraising system
(DiA) using existing applications available through CiviCRM
  c.. We can use existing open source CivicCRM tools to transfer
pages of our websites into a Content Management System

The data would be accessed, via managed permissions, by an
interface, mirroring the current donor database's interface. The
interface will retain the same reporting functions as the current
Access donor database.

This will be a multi-step process. We would eventually like to make
this tool available to state parties, making the contact info for
supporters in their state available. This will make it much easier
for states to have real-time lists of campaign volunteers, etc. It
will also save the national office time generating and sending


GPUS will contract with OpenConcept (, a
progressive company whose client list includes the Green Party of
Canada, to rebuild the donor database.

OpenConcept will:

  a.. Set-up a database in CiviCRM/Drupal on our server
  b.. Customize CivicCRM to match our custom Access fields
  c.. Import Data to CivicCRM to Access
  d.. Create an import process for online contributions
  e.. Create custom CSV reports to match federal requirements
  f.. Set-up managed permissions for the database
  g.. Set up other CivicCRM components if time allows
  h.. Provide basic training on use of CiviCRM

The cost of the project, to be completed by 1 January 2008, will be
$5,000. OpenConcept will be paid $2,500 upon passage of this
proposal and $2,500 upon completion of the project.


CONTACT: Jody Grage



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