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Proposal ID328
Proposal2008 Proposed Budget
PresenterGPUS Steering Committee
Floor ManagerJody Grage
Discussion12/04/2007 - 12/18/2007
Voting12/19/2007 - 12/25/2007
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum46 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


Below is the link to the GPUS 2008 Proposed Budget. You are encouraged to review it carefully. It�s only two pages and there are tabs below with further information on many on the line items (see Notes tab) and committee/caucus budget requests. The FAQ tab will be expanded as questions come in and are answered. As suggested during the Budget Sessions in Reading, information on GPUS finances since 2004 is included so the 2008 Proposed Budget can be viewed in historical perspective. For 2007, income and expenses have been estimated for the year based on totals to date.

2008 will be a big year for GPUS because it is a presidential election year and because of our Nominating Convention in July. Therefore the budget is both more important and larger than usual. And it is especially important that expenditures are prioritized so our funds are used as efficiently and effectively as possible to promote GPUS.

The proposed budget is presented in three tiers. Tier 1 is the basic budget and is the least we can spend without going into survival mode. Fundraising income in each additional tier is nearly 20% higher than for previous tier. In addition to the budget itself, further possible expenditures for much larger income amounts are available on the tab below labeled Tiers 4 & 5. We look forward to presenting budget revisions if and as we move up through the budget tiers, as provided in the GPUS Rules and Procedures, "Appropriate mid-year revisions to the annual budget may be proposed by the Steering Committee at any time, but require approval by the National Committee."

Ballot Access Committee funding is increased in recognition of our drive to achieve ballot access in all 50 states and in DC. Coordinated Campaign Committee funding is increased, too, in recognition of our drive to field 1000 Green candidates in 2008. The Nominating Convention funding is larger but the income is expected to equal the expenditures.

At the same time that we have so much that must be done, we have limited resources. We are in survival mode now with fundraising critically low some months and our cash reserve account dangerously low. We plan to hire a new full-time Fundraising Manager with Brent McMillan going to three-quarter time in his role as our Political Director. The budget also includes significant increases in our cash reserves.

We have been operating without an approved budget in 2007. This means that the NC must vote on each expenditure not included in Proposal 259 GNC Authorization for Expenditures. To operate under this burdensome process in 2008 would not be tolerable. It is vital that suggestions, comments, and concerns about this budget be posted early in the discussion phase so that the NC delegates will support and adopt the 2008 Proposed Budget during the voting phase.


The proposed budget is at:




CONTACT: Jody Grage, Treasurer; 2428 NW 56th, Seattle WA 98107;

Financial data available from:

Past budgets can be accessed from:

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