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Proposal ID329
ProposalTRANS-ATLANTIC GREEN DIALOGUE with Green Parties from the USA, Europe, Canada, and Brasil
PresenterInternational Committee
Floor ManagerBudd Dickinson
Discussion12/10/2007 - 12/30/2007
Voting12/31/2007 - 01/06/2008
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum57 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


This proposal endorses and implements an agreement in principle, developed at the 2007 convention of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS). At a planning meeting in Reading, members of the International Committee and national Staff met with representatives from the European Green Party (EGP), the Green Party of Canada, and the Green Party of Brasil. From that meeting came agreement to propose to our respective parties, a Trans-Atlantic Green Dialogue. The Dialogue would include a New York stopover by our international Green guests, followed by a formal session in Washington, DC.


SUMMARY. By approving this proposal, the National Committee of the Green Party of the United States supports the convening of a "Trans-Atlantic Green Dialogue," to include representatives from our own U.S. party and from the European Green Party, the Green Party of Canada/Parti Vert du Canada, and the Partido Verde do Brasil.

DATE. The Dialogue meetings will be held prior to the end of April 2008.

AGENDA. The agenda for the Dialogue will include key areas of joint concern, especially global warming and other ecological questions, as well as problems of international trade, peace, social justice and democratization. The purpose of these discussions will be to promote mutual understanding of political challenges confronting our various parties, and where possible to develop joint positions. For greatest impact, the Dialogue is expected to focus on plans leading to:

- the Global Greens Gathering (May 2008, Sao Paulo, Brasil)
- the U.S. Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention (July 2008, Chicago)
- the U.S. national elections (November 2008)
- the European continental elections (May 2009)

LOGISTICS. The meeting of the Trans-Atlantic Green Dialogue will be held Washington, DC, a U.S. city which is accessible both to international Green Party guests, and U.S. participants.

INTERNATIONAL GREENS. Participating parties from Europe, Canada, and Brasil will send small delegations, perhaps totaling 15-20 representatives, authorized by their respective governing bodies.

U.S. GREENS. The U.S. party will send a delegation comprised of:

  * Two members of the Steering Committee, who will convene the
  Dialogue sessions

  * The Co-Chairs of the International Committee (Julia
  Willebrand and Justine McCabe)

  * The IC representatives to the Global Green Network (Marnie
  Glickman, John Rensenbrink, Bahram Zandi), and Federation of
  Green Parties of the Americas (Tony Affigne, Steve Herrick)

  * A member of the Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC)

  * National political director (McMillan) and operations
  director (Emily Citkowski)

  * Additional interested U.S. Greens, especially from the
  International Committee, Campus Greens, and the Green
  National Committee, are expected to attend as observers and
  breakout workshop participants



Julia Willebrand

Justine McCabe


1. U.S. approval process: October - November 2007
2. European/Canadian/Brazilian approval process: November - December 2007
3. Coordination of invitations: January-February 2008
4. Logistics, agenda, and arrangements: January-April 2008
5. TRANSATLANTIC GREEN DIALOGUE: Two day sessions, mid- to late-April 2008


NOTE: Travel costs for designated U.S. representatives (from SC, IC, and PCSC) will be shared between GNC budget and individual delegates. Staff time to be supported by GNC budget. IC members' and local members' time is donated. Local members' hosting is donated. U.S. participants' other lodging and meal expenses are self-supported. International guests' expenses to be paid by their parties. Registration fees are minimal, to partially cover the cost of GNC's resource commitment.

US approval process Staff time, IC members' time
Invitations/Planning Staff time, IC members' time
NYC Arrangements Staff time, local members' time
  Space costs (approx. $500)
DC Arrangements Staff time, local members' time
  Space costs (approx. $1800)
Transportation Travel costs (approx. $2500)
Lodging and meals Local members' donations (beds & food)
  Participants' self-support


European Green Party
Green Party of Canada/Parti Vert du Canada
Partido Verde no Brasil

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