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Proposal Details

Proposal ID359
ProposalApproval of DREW JOHNSON for 2008 GPUS Annual Meeting Facilitator
PresenterGPUS Steering Committee
Floor ManagerHolly Hart
Discussion06/29/2008 - 06/30/2008
Voting07/01/2008 - 07/07/2008
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum43 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


Proposal 121 (adopted 1/30/05) stipulates that "all face to face meetings of
the Coordinating Committee of the Green National Committee will be facilitated
by a person or persons who have been approved by the Coordinating Committee of the Green National Committee."

"It is encouraged that Committees, Caucuses and States consider the
qualifications such as experience and familiarity with the Green Consensus process. No candidate who is registered with another party other than Greens, where Green registration is available, will be considered.

"The Steering Committee will schedule a vote by the CC for approval of
individual facilitators. No Facilitator who failed to receive at least 50%+1 of the approval vote will be permitted to facilitate the CC meetings.

"Facilitators with the highest approval ratings will be given preference when assigning facilitators. The ANMC will strive to schedule two facilitators for any given time period to ensure backup if needed. Gender balance is strongly encouraged. The ANMC will notify the CC of the facilitation schedule no later than two weeks before the national meeting."


To Approve DREW JOHNSON To Serve As One Of The Facilitators Of The 2008 GPUS Annual Meeting.




Drew Johnson, Green Party of California

GP of CA participation

* Delegate to '06 S.Lake Tahoe Plenary, and '07 SF
* Founder of GPCA Disabled Caucus
* Supporter of GPCA Black and People of Color Caucuses
* Being recruited to be member of GPCA Bylaws and
Strategy Committees
* State delegate to the GP-US NC

GP-US participation:

* I am the GP-US's #1 most active blogger for 2.5
years now.
* I got extremely active as an on-line activist for
electoral justice after 11/02/04. I work for free and
fair elections in the US and abolishment of
diebold-style vote stealing machines.
* I was extremely active in the on-line campaign for
recounting Fraud '04 in Ohio, NM, MV, and NH that the
Cobb/Badnarik & Nader Green/Libertarian coalition
carried out.
* I help moderate the Green Party
meta blog site. Previously I was extremely active on,,, and until each in turn booted
me for being outspokenly and unapologetically Green
Party loyal.
* Member on Dispute Resolution committee
* Member on Media Committee
* Liasion from Media Committee to Outreach Committee
* observer on GPAX
* Member Disabled Caucus
* Attended Tuscon GP-US '06 Annual National Meeting
* Organized 6 workshops at the Tucson 2006 GP NAM on
Nonviolent Communication (NVC). They were well
attended and recieved very positive response, from
those that attended. Several prominent GP folks and
candidates attended including Byron DeLear, Howard
Switzer, Kathy Dopp, Ann Wilcox, Echo Steiner, and Kat
* I Created and promoted several Green Party election
events including a press conference for Michael Berg
when he recently visited SF to receive an award as a
"Hero and Champion of Forgiveness".
* I've proposed and plan to create a network to
arrange for Greens to be trained in various aspects of
nonviolence, including Nonviolent Resistance and
Nonviolent Communication among others.
Professional Background:

* My undergrad degree is from University of Colorado
in Political Science. My internship was in event
promotion and PR.

* I've worked as a reporter and editor at a small
daily newspaper. I've done professional technical

* I've done years of work on all aspects of video
production work on an award winning public access TV
program re: SF Bay area environmental issues, and I
eventually served as Executive Producer.

* I founded and direct a nonprofit focused on Silicon
Valley environmental and quality of life issues.

* I have years of work as a computer professional in
Silicon Valley.

* I recently began professional training in Nonviolent
Communication (NVC) to become a certified trainer.
This directly applies to dispute and conflict


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