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Proposal ID373
ProposalGPUS 2009 Budget
PresenterGPUS Steering Committee
Floor ManagerTor Thorsen
Discussion12/18/2008 - 01/08/2009
Voting01/09/2009 - 01/15/2009
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum57 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


Proposal: 2009 Proposed Budget
Presenter: GPUS Steering Committee
Below is the link to the revised GPUS 2009 Proposed Budget for your review.
Links are also provided to the Line Item Notes for additional information on
the starred line items in the budget itself and to the Fundraising Plan.
Final amount for 2008 income and expenses are included.
It is important to remember that the budget is a planning document based on
a prediction of the future. As with the budget in 2008, historical information
is included so that the patterns of income and expenses can serve as a guide
for those predictions.
Even when a budget including specific budgeted funds has been approved by
the GNC, the money may not be available upon request. The Rules and
Procedures, Fiscal Policy, states, "Authorization of expenditures in the
budget does not authorize Green Party committees, employees or other
representatives to actually spend these funds without specific and separate
written permission of the Treasurer or the Steering Committee. A budget is a
projection of the desired expenditures and does not guarantee that funds
will be available." There are multiple reasons why money might not be available,
Including revenue shortfall, emergency expenses, and requests for funds that
are concentrated early in the year.
Although 2008 was a big year politically, our projected fundraising income
for 2008 is only 75% of the amount that was predicted in the 2008 Budget.
Phone solicitation income will probably be 25% of the budgeted amount,
direct mail 75% of the budgeted amount, and major donor contributions 50% of
the budgeted amount. In addition, the Presidential Nominating Convention in
Chicago was included in the 2008 budget as a break-even event, but expenses
exceeded revenue by more than $23,000 even after numerous cost-cutting
measures were taken. The National Committee’s decision to select the most
expensive convention bid, combined with weak attendance numbers, created
this shortfall.


Despite curtailing expenses, GPUS had a deficit for the year of $30,544 in
unpaid Accounts Payable from December. One large expense that contributes
to this deficit is the remaining balance of $13,856 to be paid for the ANM
venue in Chicago. In addition to this deficit, we will repay $15,000 in
loans from Green Party members as authorized by the GNC in Proposal 353.
We also have $17,500 in 2008 state sharing that has not been paid and
restricted funds for committees and caucuses in the amount of $6,193.
Our budgeted income exceeds our expenses and is planned to cover our
combined deficits. The $28,500 payment from the Juoni Trust in January
is planned to be used to pay the $15,000 loan and the approximately
$1,000 in 2008 State Driven state sharing programs, as well as a further
payment toward the balance due the hotel in Chicago.
Beginning in January 2009, funds received during each month for committees
and caucuses will be deposited in the Reserve Account as Restricted Funds
early the next month when accurate information is available. In addition,
one quarter of Restricted Funds raised by and earmarked for committees and
caucuses through the end of 2008, as well as $1500 as an estimate of state
sharing due per month in 2009, are planned to be added to the Reserve
Account each month.
National Driven state sharing owed from 2008 will be paid as money becomes
available from the general account.
The basic budget for 2009 is based on fundraising income 20% above the
fundraising income for 2008 as several fundraising programs improve in
In October, we hired a telemarketing firm that is aligned with Green values.
Returns are already encouraging, and phone solicitation income is projected
to more than double from 2008 to 2009.
We imported data into an online database in September and it is being
modified to enhance our fundraising efforts. Direct mail income is
projected to increase by two-thirds from 2008 to 2009.
A major outreach effort to philanthropists who are part of organizations
dedicated to sustainability and good government yet who have not yet become
GPUS donors is well underway. Major donor contributions are expected to
double from 2008 to 2009.

The 2009 Annual National Meeting is being charged with at least breaking
even financially.
Staffing changes are being made for 2009. Emily Citkowski, our
Operations Director since 2003, has asked to work half time from
January through December 2009. Richard Scott, Online Fundraising
Assistant, asked to leave his job after the 2008 elections and his
tasks will be handled by other staff and independent contractors. We
are in the process of hiring a half-time Office Manager.
The Proposed 2009 Budget is a balanced budget that includes the basic
budget of $433,500 in fundraising income plus $27,000 for the Annual
National Meeting. Expenditures in the Proposed 2009 Budget are at
$391,263. The income above expenditures is planned to pay the remaining
2008 Accounts Payable, the restricted funds including state sharing,
and the loan.
When we exceed the income goals presented, the Finance Committee,
Fundraising Committee, and the SC will present an amended budget to
the GNC as spelled out in the Fiscal Policy.

The Proposed 2009 Budget, Line Item notes and Fundraising Plan
can be found through this link:

All three documents can be downloaded from this page.


The Green National Committee hereby adopts the proposed 2009 Budget for the Green Party of the U.S.


Your fundraising ideas!


Proposed 2009 Budget:

Proposed Budget from past years can be found at:

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