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Proposal ID375
ProposalRevised Proposal to suspend printing of Green Pages for 2009
PresenterGreen Pages
Floor ManagerSanda Everette
Discussion01/26/2009 - 02/01/2009
Voting02/02/2009 - 02/08/2009
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum45 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


GPUS has been in severe financial straits for some time, and must
reduce expenditures wherever it can practically do so. Green Pages
currently does not have a printer. Prompt Printing, the company that
has printed the paper for years, has closed its doors, and the search
for a new printer may take some time. The nature of media and the
way people interact with media is changing all the time. We believe
in the usefulness of the printed version of Green Pages, yet
circumstances dictate that this is a good time to try alternative,
less expensive methods of putting out the Green Party news. Green
Pages is therefore proposing to reduce printing to one issue in 2009,
assuming a suitable printer is found.

With this reduction in printing, we do wish to make some

If a Green friendly union printer can be identified, Green Pages
recommends printing the issue so that it will be available before and
during the Annual National Meeting.

We would like to urge cooperation and coordination with other GPUS
committees, including looking to expand online visibility utilizing
networking sites such as GreenChange, Facebook, MySpace, etc.

Because a printed piece is irreplaceable in many local efforts, we
recommend updating and continuing to print the Outreach Committee's
publication "Democracy is Coming". This piece can be used in
combination with downloadable pages of the print version of Green
Pages for tabling and will be a lot less expensive to print. Green Pages
will make a downloadable four-page version of the publication
available for handouts.


The Green National Committee:

1. Directs that Green Pages reduce print publication for 2009 to one
issue, and that no other funds be allocated for additional printing, with the
exception noted in part 3 below, until and unless the National Committee
approves such funds at a later time.

2. Directs that funds be budgeted to facilitate the expansion of the
web presence of Green Pages, and to do so with an eye toward material
being able to be easily printed for outreach purposes and potentially
for mailing printed copies of pieces to donors upon request.

3. Directs that the national office should notify all donors who have
donated with an expectation of receiving Green Pages of the reduction
in publication, and inquire whether they would be interested
in receiving email bulletins of those Green Pages which are not printed,
or whether they would like to receive printed copies of some material by

The expenses associated with these activities would be paid by funds
allocated to Green Pages in the recently passed budget.


Website and web manager. Potential funds for future printing, on approval by the GNC.

References (first version of this proposal)

David McCorquodale - h4fungi - at -

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