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Proposal ID382
ProposalResolution against the Death Penalty
PresenterGreen Party of California
Floor ManagerTor Thorsen
Discussion03/16/2009 - 03/29/2009
Voting03/30/2009 - 04/05/2009
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum58 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


The Mexican Green Party, El Partido Verde Ecologista de México (PVEM), has publicly supported reinstatement of the death penalty for Mexico since September 2008.

Since then, numerous Green Parties around the world have expressed concern about this position. On February 10th, 2009 the European Greens issues a press release withdrawing recognition of the PVEM as part of the Global Green family, and asking the Federation of the Green Parties of the Americas
(Federacion de Partidos Verdes de las Americas or FPVA) to address the issue accordingly. The GPUS is a member of the FPVA.

The FPVA conducted its annual meeting in November 2008 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. But this issue was not allowed to be taken up on the FPVA agenda, despite the text below being circulated in advance of the meeting as a draft agenda item on the FPVA email list.

1) The GPUS International Committees elects two representatives to the FPVA
2) The FPVA elects three representatives to the 12 member Global Green Coordination, which is the governing body for Greens on the Global level
3) Not only is the GPUS opposed to the death penalty, but opposition to the death penalty is called out specifically in the Global Green Charter, which the GPUS and the Mexican Greens signed on to
4) How Green politics in Mexico develops can affect how Green politics are perceived in the U.S.


Resolution against the Death Penalty

Whereas the Green Party is an international political movement; and Whereas Green Parties around the globe are united by common values like peace and non-violence; and

Whereas Green Parties around the globe came together in Canberra in April 2001 for the First Global Greens Congress to approve an expression of those values in the form of the Global Green Charter; and

Whereas the Section 6:10 of the Global Green Charter states that the Global Greens "Demand that the death penalty be abolished worldwide"; and

Whereas the Global Green Charter was approved by consensus in Canberra in 2001; and

Whereas the Statutes of the Federacion de Partidos Verdes de las Americas (FPVA) declare that the FPVA was formed to "seek cooperation to spread, adopt ideas about, and practice love and respect for life and democracy, for the construction of sustainable societies";

Therefore the Green Party of the United States declares its unequivocal support for Section 6:10 of the Global Greens Charter and urges in the strongest terms that all member and observer parties of the FPVA and their elected officials and other representatives observe its practice in party
policy and in legislation they advocate and support.

RESOLUCIÓN contra la pena de muerte

Considerando que el Partido Verde es un movimiento político internacional; y

Considerando que valores comunes como la paz y la non-violencia unen a los
Partidos Verdes a largo del mundo; y

Considerando que los Partidos Verdes de todo el globo se reunieron en
Canberra en abril de 2001 para el primer congreso global de los Verdes
para aprobar una expresión de esos valores en la forma de la Carta de
la Global Greens; y

Considerando que la sección 6:10 de la Carta indica que la Global
Greens "Exija que la pena de muerte sea abolida globalmente"; y

Considerando que la carta verde global fue aprobada por consenso en
Canberra en 2001; y

Considerando que los estatutos de la Federacion de los Partidos Verdes
de las Américas (FPVA) declaran que la FPVA fue formada para "buscar
la cooperación para divulgar, para adoptar ideas sobre, y para amar y
respectar la práctica por la vida y la democracia, para la
construcción de sociedades sosteniblies",

Por lo tanto el GPUS declara su ayuda incondicional para la sección
6:10 de la Carta de la Global Greens e impulsa en los términos más
fuertes que todos los partidos miembros y observadores de la FPVA y
sus cargos electos y otros representantes observen su práctica en la
política de partido y en la legislación que abogan y apoyan.




Global Green Charter against Death Penalty (see Section 6:10)

GPUS Platform against Death Penalty (see #18, page 36)

European Greens Press Release

Mexican Greens billboard advertisement in favor of the death penalty:

Articles about Mexican Greens support of the death penalty

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