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Proposal ID389
ProposalProposal to Elect the Officers of the GPUS by Online Elections, Amended
PresenterGreen Party of Colorado
Floor ManagerTor Thorsen
Discussion04/06/2009 - 04/19/2009
Voting04/20/2009 - 04/26/2009
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum73 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


Background and Purpose: Attendance at a National Meeting should not
determine whether a delegate can vote on GPUS officers. Grassroots
Democracy and transparency are supported by an application of the online
voting procedures already established in the Bylaws and Rules and Procedures
of the GPUS.


In addition to the amendments to the bylaws below, the national committee
resolves that time shall be set aside at the Annual National Meeting of the
Green National Committee (GNC) so candidates for the various offices may
present their biographies and vision statements to the GNC. In addition,
time shall be set aside at the Annual National Meeting of the GNC for
debates between the candidates for the various offices. Videos of the
debates and the candidates' presentations shall be made available online to
GNC delegates during the discussion and voting periods.



Article VI A) of the bylaws is changed to read:


At least four weeks before the Annual National Meeting of the Green National
Committee (GNC), the Secretary of the GPUS shall ask members of the GNC for
nominations for the various offices. Four weeks shall be given for all
nominations to be submitted, concluding at noon on Saturday of the Annual
National Meeting of the GNC. Prior to or upon conclusion of the nominating
period, candidates shall submit a biography and vision statement to be
posted online for all delegates to read at least one week before an online
vote. Candidates shall be encouraged to submit online videos of their
biographies and vision statements. The elections shall occur immediately
following the Annual National Meeting of the GNC with two weeks allotted for
discussion and one week for voting.

Article VI C) 1. of the bylaws is changed to read:

Steering Committee members and Co-chairs shall be elected using Single
Transferable Voting (STV, also known as choice voting and preference
voting), with a fractional Droop Threshold (the number of votes divided by
(the number of seats to be filled plus one): [Votes/ (Seats+1)] and
fractional transfers. A candidate must pass the Droop Threshold in order to
be elected.


Time Line: Start the online voting procedure the day after the Annual
National Meeting.


The online voting software is already in place. Time is a
resource. The time will be spent by the floor manager of the votes and the
manager of the voting page. There will also be the personnel and funding
necessary to video the debates and candidates' presentations and to post the
videos online.


CONTACT: Thomas Kelly GPCO Del
  2931 S. Washington St.
  Englewood, CO 80113

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