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Proposal ID413
ProposalProposal To Limit Quantity of Posts on Votes List -- Reposted with no changes
PresenterGreen Parties of Wisconsin, West Virginia, Arizona, and Indiana
Floor ManagerTor Thorsen
Discussion08/31/2009 - 09/17/2009
Voting09/18/2009 - 09/24/2009
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum77 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


Proposal 186 (11/13/2005) adopted a Listserv protocol for the Green National Committee Votes ( and Discussion ( lists. Proposal 308 (9/2/2007), which attempted to prohibit excessive postings by restricting delegates to no more than one response to any "thread" per day, was defeated (2/3 votes required to pass: 70 yes, 50 no, 5 abstain). This proposal varies from 308 in that it sets a limit of posts per day rather than per "thread", increases the number allowed to 3, and addresses only the Votes list. This proposal is intended to adopt an easily understood rule regarding the volume of email only on the Green National Committee "Votes" listserv.

The goals of this proposal are to improve the quality of the communication by reducing the quantity of email on the votes listserv, to have people respond a bit more slowly and with more measured responses, to save up all of their replies for the day to a few posts so that they are not instantly responding emotionally to posts. It is expected that this will reduce list traffic and help all of the Green National Committee use their Green time more productively.

If there is a need for an additional online medium for Green National Committee communication and collaborative work, another medium such as an online 'forum' or 'bulletin board' may be proposed.

We have a responsibility to create a work environment for the Green National Committee which welcomes and engages the participation of all of its members.


A Resolution to amend the GPUS Green National Committee Listserv Protocols and Policies; to prohibit excessive postings to internal lists used to conduct Party business; to define excessive posts; to provide for exceptions; and to provide for related rules to implement such policy.

Resolved, that the GPUS National Committee Listserv Protocols and Policies, adopted November 13th, 2005, is here amended in Article III., related to "Posting Guidelines", by redesignating Sections E., F. and G. as Sections F., G. and H. respectively and by inserting a new Section E., to read as follows:

E. Limits on Number of Posts to Votes List.

1. Except as provided in the following paragraph 2 of this Section, persons with access to the Green National Committee Votes list may post no more than three posts per day to the Votes ( list. A 'day' shall consist of the 24 hour period from midnight to midnight Pacific Time.

2. Exceptions to the 3 posts-per-day limit: a Floor Manager of a proposal may address procedural questions related to the consideration of that proposal. A presenter designated by a sponsoring Caucus, Committee, or State Party may respond to direct questions on a proposal before the Green National Committee. The Secretary, Treasurer, and Co-chairs of the Steering Committee may send official notices or reports as necessary to fulfill their responsibilities. All who fall within these exceptions are urged to consolidate their responses to the list so as to minimize the number of posts made on any single day.

3. The Forum Managers are to use the existing procedures in place for enforcing other "posting guidelines" listed in this section to enforce this posting guideline.




GPUS National Committee Listserv Protocols and Policies

Proposal 186 - Proposed Listserv Protocol for Delegates Discussion and Votes Lists -- Amended

Proposal 308 (defeated) - Amend List Etiquette Policy in Proposal 186

Presenters: Wisconsin Green Party, West Virginia Mountain Party, Arizona Green Party, Indiana Green Party

Contact: Ron Hardy, (920) 292-8129,

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