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Proposal ID414
ProposalEndorse the October 17, 2009 peace actions
PresenterGreen Party of Ohio
Floor ManagerHolly Hart
Discussion08/31/2009 - 09/06/2009
Voting09/07/2009 - 09/13/2009
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum52 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


The Green Party of Ohio has voted to endorse the October 17, 2009 peace
actions being called by the National Assembly to End the Iraq and
Afghanistan Wars and Occupations. We are looking for other
state Green Parties to be co-sponsors of a resolution for the Green
National Committee to endorse the October 17th actions. These actions are
very important and will help revitalize the peace movement.


Action Proposal October 17 Local and Regional Actions (

October has several dates with significance for the peace movement.
October, 2009 will mark the eighth year of the U.S. war in Afghanistan and
seven years since Congress passed the resolution authorizing war against
Iraq. In addition, October commemorates the 40th anniversary of the
Vietnam Moratorium that brought hundreds of thousands into the streets to
protest the war.Designate October 17 as a day for mass rallies, marches,
coordinated local and regional demonstrations and other forms of protest
with unequivocal antiwar demands:Immediately and unconditionally
withdrawal all U.S. troops, military personnel, bases, contractors and
mercenaries from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan!End U.S. support for the
Israeli occupation of Palestine! End to the siege against Gaza!U.S. hands
off Iran and North Korea!Self-determination for all oppressed nations and
peoples!End war crimes, including torture!

Action Proposal – Motivation

We insist on the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all U.S.
troops, military personnel, bases, contractors and mercenaries from Iraq,
Afghanistan and Pakistan. We demand an immediate end to all U.S. support
for the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the ongoing siege against Gaza
and the Palestinian people. We oppose sanctions,threats of war, and
attacks against Iran, North Korea, Somalia, or any other nation, whose
right to self-determination is under assault by Washington’s aggressive
drive for hegemony. We strongly oppose interference in the internal
affairs of these countries, as well as Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and any
other nation targeted by the U.S. government for political
destabilization. The lopsided vote by the U.S. House of Representatives –
368-60 – on May 14, 2009 approving the Obama administration’s request for
$97 billion for U.S. military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan
and the Senate’s follow-up vote on June 18, 2009 approving by a 91-5
majority $105.9 billion for the same purpose make clear the bipartisan
support for continuation of the wars and occupations. It also underscores
why an independent, unified, mass action antiwar movement is needed now
more than ever. We support without equivocation the right of all oppressed
nations and peoples to self-determination, whether in the Middle East or
in other parts of the world, such as Haiti.

We stand in solidarity with working people, their unions and allies, and
so we demand that the trillions being spent on wars and the military be
diverted to the support of homeowners, the opening of plants to create new
green jobs instead of seeing them shut down, and preventing the slashing
of urgently needed social programs.




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