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Proposal ID415
ProposalProposal to divide NC Votes list into two lists, authorize beta test for web-based discussion forums
PresenterSteering Committee
Floor ManagerMike Feinstein
Discussion09/21/2009 - 11/01/2009
Voting11/02/2009 - 11/08/2009
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum54 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


The National Committee (NC) has twice passed resolutions
that establish listserves for NC use and the protocols and policies that
govern them. The first resolution was passed in October 2001
and the second in November 2005

This new proposal would update those policies (which now make up Article
IX of GPUS Rules and Procedure) by dividing the NC Votes list into two
lists, one specifically for votes (Votes) and one for the rest of NC
business (Biz).

This proposal also performs the administrative task of re-formatting
Article IX to be consistent with that approved by the NC for the GPUS
Convention Rules. This was not done when #186 was approved. For this
POLICIES" is reprinted in the proposal, even though the only major
policy change is in effectuating the division of the Votes list into two
lists, as described in 9-2 and 9-3, along with some minor reordering and
tightening of text to accommodate the reformatting.

There is also one much smaller policy change, where in 9-2.3 it amends
who are the 'primary posters' to the Votes list from just 'delegates' to
'delegates and alternates.' The reason for this is that since alternates
can also vote on proposals before the NC, it stands to reason that they
should also be considered as primary posters.

Finally in Part 4 of this proposal, the NC would authorize the SC and
the IT Advisory Group to research, develop and beta-test a web-based
discussion forum model with the NC, for potential future NC use. However
this proposal would not authorize actual adoption of such a forum. That
would require a separate proposal at a future date. The intent here is
simply initiate a research and testing process designed to involve the
NC and receive NC input.

Returning to the division of the Votes list into two, the goal of such a
change is to provide a clear and distinct place where proposals before
the NC can be discussed, separate from the rest of party business,
enabling delegates to more efficiently address one of their primary
responsiblities as National Committee members - participating in
decision-making on formal proposals before the National Committee.

By having such a distinct place, delegates will know when they read the
list that the items there will relate specifically to their immediate
decision-making tasks and they won't have to sort through numerous other
emails on a variety of topics in order to get to the decision-making
items. This modest approach is not meant to address all listserve
concerns, but simply to divide existing traffic in a more effective way,
to reflect the differing nature of tasks before the National Committee.


Part 1. Resolved, that the existing ARTICLE IX GPUS NATIONAL COMMITTEE
LISTSERV PROTOCOLS AND POLICIES of the Party's Rules and Procedures be
amended as follows:


Section 9-1 Listserves

9-1.1 The National Committee establishes the listserves contained in
this Article for the purposes described herein. By definition,
subscription to any of these listserves automatically implies acceptance
of the protocols and procedures described in this Article.

9-1.2 National Committee listserve membership is limited to:

a. Delegates and alternates to the National Committee;

b. Steering Committee members;

c. Liaisons from GPUS standing or ad hoc committees (up to two from each
GPUS standing or ad hoc committee, in addition to those who may
otherwise be subscribed under 9-1.2);

d. Paid staff of GPUS (as determined by the Steering Committee);

e. Voting page and list administrators;

f. Advisors. Advisors are professionals in their field serving the Green
Party in their professional capacity (e.g. legal advisors, fundraising
advisors, technology consultants, etc.) Advisors can either be
recommended to and approved by the Steering Committee and announced to
the National Committee, or approved by the National Committee by a
simple majority vote. The National Committee may also remove an advisor
by a simple majority vote;

g. Observers. Observers are vetted by an accredited state party or
caucus and announced to the National Committee, recommended to and
approved by the Steering Committee and announced to the National
Committee, or approved by the National Committee by a simple majority vote.

9-1.3 The membership list of all GPUS listserves shall be available for
review by all subscribers. Anonymous subscriptions are not permitted.

9-2 Natlcomvotes Listserve

9-2.1 The purpose of the Natlcomvotes listserve (also known as the
'Votes list') is to facilitate communication for the purposes of
National Committee decision-making.

9-2.2 Posting to the Natlcomvotes listserve shall be limited only to
messages relating to proposals currently before the National Committee.

9-2.3 Delegates and alternates are considered the primary persons to
post to the Natlcomvotes listserve. Posting privileges are limited to
delegates, alternates, Steering Committee members, committee liaisons,
and paid staff; except that voting page and list administrators and
advisors may post in relation to their area of focus. Observers are not
permitted to post. Observers wishing to comment may do so through their
state/caucus delegation.

9-3 Natlcombiz List

9-3.1 The purpose of the Natlcombiz list (also known as the 'Business
list') is to facilitate communication for the purpose of management and
coordination of the business of the GPUS.

9-3.2 Posting to the Natlcombiz listserve shall be limited only to
messages relating to formal GPUS business, other than decision-making on
proposals currently before that National Committee as defined in 9-2,
including reports and discussion of the Party's finances, committee
work, platform, presidential convention and nominee, coordinated
national actions, international representation, bylaws, rules and
procedures and Federal Election Committee filings.

9-3.3 Posting privileges are available to all subscribers.

9-4 Natlcomaffairs List

9-4.1 The purpose of the Natlcomaffairs list (also known as the
'Affairs', 'Discussion', or 'DX list') is to provide a place for posting
news and announcements and to facilitate general discussion about
current issues that relate to the Green Party in the United States,
state Green Parties, Green Party candidates other than for president and
vice-president and Green Parties in other countries.

9-4.2 Posting to the Natlcomaffairs listserve shall be limited only to
messages relating to the purpose of the list as defined in 9-4.1

9-4.3 Posting privileges are available to all subscribers.

Section 9-5 Posting Guidelines for all Listserves

9-5.1 Signing Posts

All posts should be signed at the bottom of every message with the first
and last name of the author. Members should also identify their Green
Party position as per 9-1.2, including their originating state party,
caucus, or committee where applicable.

9-5.2 Relevance

Only posts directly related to the purpose of each listserve should be
made. Messages of a personal nature are not considered relevant for NC

9-5.3 General Netiquette

In general, when quoting other messages, the person quoted should be
properly cited, and extraneous text (including headers, footers,
irrelevant messages to the section being responded to when replying to a
digest, and the like) should be deleted. Non-substantive one-word
replies generally should be sent off-list. Violations of General
Netiquette guidelines can result in written informal reminders from the
Forum Managers. Repeated off topic posting, over posting and other
disregard for the purpose of the lists can be grounds for an official

9-5.4 Tone

All lists serve members are strongly encouraged to bear in mind the
official nature of the lists and refrain from the use of obscene or
otherwise offensive language in keeping with Respect for Diversity.
Insults, name-calling, sexist/sexual, racist, homophobic, or otherwise
demeaning or degrading comments will not be tolerated. (Personal,
one-on-one arguments are inappropriate and should be taken off list for
one-on-one communication.) Hateful, abusive, and threatening language
are prohibited. Attacks of a personal, ad hominem nature are prohibited.
Making false and defamatory accusations on the listserve against another
list member, a Green delegate, candidate, committee, caucus or the Green
Party, that can be clearly and objectively disproved, is prohibited. If
such accusations are made unintentionally, a retraction is called for.
Failure to retract such allegations can result in an action by the Forum

9-5.5 Forwards of Private Messages

Forwarding private messages to either list without the expressed written
permission of the author is prohibited.

9-5.6 Forwards of Other Items

Copyrighted material (newspaper articles, website content, etc.) and
other items forwarded should be accompanied by, if applicable, a source
URL, the name(s) of the author(s), and the originating source (if a

9-5.7 Proper Use of Messages

List members retain their personal copyright for their original
messages, but through use of these forums grant other members the right
to publicly quote portions of their message in any medium, and the right
to forward messages in their entirety to others so long as the author's
name and web address is cited or linked.

Section 9-6. Forum Managers and Enforcement

9-6.1 The Steering Committee shall nominate three individuals, subject
to National Committee approval, to serve coincident two-year terms as
Forum Managers and one individual subject to National Committee
approval, to serve as Alternate Forum Manager. Forum Managers may be
sitting NC delegates, alternates or others as recommended by their State
or Caucus. All nominees must be either recommended or approved by their
State or Caucus. All three Forum Managers can not be of the same gender.
It is recommended that Forum Managers have dispute resolution training.
In the event of a Forum Manager resignation or other vacancy, the
Alternate will serve the remainder of the term as a Forum Manager. In
addition the SC shall nominate a replacement to fill the role of
Alternate, to be approved by the NC via the same method used to nominate
and elect the Forum Manager. The replacement Alternate Forum Manager
will fill the balance of the term as Alternate. The Forum Managers shall
provide Quarterly Reports to the National Committee via the Natlcombiz
listserv. These reports shall include the number of informal advisories,
number of official warnings and probations.

9-6.2 The three Forum Managers must be in agreement prior to any change
in status of a member's access to a list.

9-6.3 Forum Managers may at their discretion send informal advisories to
posters to encourage protocol compliance. Two of the three Forum
Managers must agree on the content of an advisory for it to be sent.
Every attempt shall be made by the Forum Managers to address individual
complaints regarding offending posts. This may include contacting the
author of the offending post and working with/educating them on
constructive, neutral, and effective ways to communicate.

9-6.4 List members may file a complaint about a specific post directly
with a Forum Manager. Complaints will not be publicly posted to the
forum. List members are encouraged to send informal complaints privately
to the potentially infringing participants to encourage member-to-member
accountability. If filing a complaint with a Forum Manager, a list
member should include copies of complaints sent directly to the
offending member.

9-6.5 After at least two informal advisories within a six month period,
if at least two of three Forum Managers determine that the guidelines
have been violated a third time by the same infringing member, an
official private warning will be sent to the member by the Forum
Managers. Forum Managers will respond to complaints in a uniform fashion
and maintain electronic records of all official warnings. Official
warnings remain in effect for six months.

9-6.6 List members that receive a second official warning within six
months will be placed on probation, including moderation of the messages
that the member posts. The State or Caucus represented by any delegate
placed on probation will be notified immediately when any delegate is
placed on probation. The Forum Managers will review all proposed
submissions from the probated member and will only forward those posts
that do not violate list guidelines. Probation shall be for a term not
to exceed 3 months. Completing the 3-month term of probation will clear
the record of official warnings.


Part 2 The National Committee here repeals the existing Article IX,
replaces it with the text from Section 1 above and directs that the
website for each listserve in this proposal be amended to quote the
purpose statement for each listserve and to provide a link to this
Article in the Rules and Procedures.


Part 3 This amendment shall take effect upon passage.


Part 4 The SC is directed to work with the GPUS web master and the IT
Advisory Group to explore options for a web based discussion forum for
party use and conduct a beta test of a model as a potential alternative
for future National Committee discussion of proposals and Green Party





Proposed Listserv Protocol for Delegates Discussion and Votes Lists --

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