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Proposal Details

Proposal ID416
ProposalGNC Certification of the 2009 Steering Committee Election Results
PresenterGPUS Steering Committee, GPUS Elections Tabulation Committee
Floor ManagerJill Bussiere
Discussion09/28/2009 - 10/04/2009
Voting10/05/2009 - 10/11/2009
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum61 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


With the posting of the Election Tabulation Committee's report of the 2009
Steering Committee election results (9/25/09), Farheen
  Hakim, Jason Nabewaniec; Mike Feinstein and David Strand as
  having been elected as CoChairs of the Green Party of the
  United States to serve a two year term until the election
  of their successors in 2011;
and Dr. Holly Hart as having been elected as Secretary of the Green Party of the United States
  to serve a two year term until the election of her successor
  in 2011,
the final step is for the National Committee to vote to certify the election results.

According to the GPUS Bylaws, there are 7 days from the time this is
posted (9/28/09) for challenges to be posted; then, 7 days following that
for the National Committee to vote on any challenges; then a 1 week voting
period to certify the election vote. This amounts to a 2-week discussion
period (in which one week is open for challenges, the second for responses
to those challenges), and 1 week voting period.


The National Committee of the GPUS hereby certifies the results of the 2009 Steering Committee election.




Elections Tabulation Committee
CONTACT: Hugh Esco hesco - at -

Report of the GPUS Elections Tabulation Comittee

GPUS Bylaws
2. Receipt & Right to Challenge Election Results

When the GNC receives a report from the Election Tabulation Committee or a
properly filed Challenge as described in paragraph 3., below, the question
shall be put to the GNC, on the fourteenth day following the transmittal
of the report, on certifying the results as so reported, and as a distinct
question, on sustaining each Challenge as may have been timely filed. In
presenting a question on sustaining a Challenge, it shall be made clear
that to sustain the Challenge is to act to adopt such amendments to the
certification as may be proposed by the sustained Challenge. Such
questions shall be resolved by a simple majority vote of the GNC.

3. The Resolution to a Challenge to Election Results, Proposed for

(a) Any contest to the results proposed by the Election Tabulation
Committee for certification by the body conducting the election shall be
filed within seven days of the transmittal of the report to be challenged.
It shall take the form of a Challenge to the Election Results, as Reported
by the Election Tabulation Committee on (a date). It shall set out the
facts supporting its contention that the election proposed to be certified
was not conducted in accordance with the rules governing such elections,
and that a proper application of the rules would have yielded a different
result. Such Challenge shall also propose amendments to the certification
report to permit the GNC to certify those portions of the report,
supportable by the evidence, and proposing a course of action for the
resolution of the remaining contested seats.

(b) Such a Challenge may be filed by (i) any candidate who appeared on the
ballot by virtue of having been nominated for consideration in such
election, or (ii) any write-in candidate
for whom the Election Tabulation Committee reports that they have received
a number of votes within five percent of the winning threshold necessary
to win a seat in the election or
(iii) by any voter who presents evidence that their ballot was not
appropriately recorded in the tabulation of the election.

(c) If there is objection to the certification, the question of sustaining
the challenge shall be put to the GNC, followed by the question of
Certifying the Report, as amended by any sustained challenge. A majority
vote of the GNC shall be binding on each question.

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