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Proposal ID424
ProposalScheduled Breaks for the National Committee
PresenterGreen Party of Michigan
Floor ManagerHolly Hart
Discussion11/23/2009 - 12/06/2009
Voting12/07/2009 - 12/13/2009
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum54 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


Currently, work on the National Committee is a seven-days-a-week, every-week-of-the-year job. Many NC members have expressed dissatisfaction with the workload on the NC listserv due to the high volume of posts and the fact that there is no break from the duties. This proposal seeks to give NC delegates some scheduled breaks throughout the year so they can have the breathing room they need to avoid burn-out, and, in the long run, do a better job as NC representative for their states.

It was decided to begin the breaks on solstices to make the timing easy to remember, and also because tying the breaks to such natural events seems appropriate for Greens, and part of our commitment to raising ecological awareness. Also  by beginning the summer and winter breaks on the solstices and continuing for two weeks, NC delegates would be freed up for the busy July 4th period and for much of the December  holiday period.


The Green Party of Michigan proposes that the GPUS National Committee have two regular breaks each year of at least 15 days each. The breaks would be scheduled to begin on each solstice and would continue until the Monday following at least fourteen days thereafter. During breaks, all committee work would cease. Necessary routine housekeeping tasks would be taken care of by the Steering Committee. If an urgent issue were to arise, the SC would be responsible for calling an "emergency session" of the NC.

Article VI. of the Rules and Procedures of the Green Party of the United States, related to "PROCEDURES FOR PROPOSALS TO THE NATIONAL COMMITTEE," is hereby amended by adding a new Section 6-12, to read as follows:

Section 6-12. Recesses for Business of the Green National Committee

6-12.1 A recess of at least 15 days from Green National Committee business shall begin on the first day of the Winter and Summer Solstice.  Except to resolve work on a pending budget, no proposas shall be accepted for discussion before the breaks unless they can meet the time requirements for both discussion and voting before the break begins.  
6-12.2 Green National Committee business shall resume on the first Monday after the fifteenth day of each solstice or equinox. 

6-12.3 No proposal shall enter discussion during a scheduled recess; no vote shall be opened which would close during a scheduled recess, except in circumstances deemed critical by the Steering Committee; nor may a vote be opened earlier than one week after the close of a recess.

6-12.4 The Steering Committee may, with a two-thirds majority vote, provide for a shorter discussion schedule of not less than a week on a proposal to accomodate concluding a vote prior to the beginning of a scheduled recess.
6-12.5 Exceptions to Recess Policy
The Steering Committee may, with a two-thirds majority vote, call a special session of the Green National Committee in circumstances deemed critical. Such circumstances shall require a specific item of business or proposal, and no other work may be conducted except that specifically stated.

IMPLEMENTATION: These rules shall take effect upon adoption.
Green National Committee shall recess on Sunday, December 20th, 2009, and reconvene starting at midnight, Monday morning, January 11th, 2010.




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