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Proposal ID477
ProposalPLATFORM: Demilitarization of Space
PresenterPlatform Committee presenter, DC Statehood Greens sponsor
Floor ManagerDavid Strand
Discussion07/05/2010 - 07/25/2010
Voting07/26/2010 - 08/01/2010
Presens Quorum31 0.6666
Consens Quorum81 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


GPUS Bylaws Article IX. Platform

9-1.1 The GPUS Platform represents policies upon which most Greens would agree and serves as a basis for Green Presidential and Congressional campaigns. The Platform may only be amended as provided by this Article.

9-1.3 In even numbered years in which there is no Presidential Nominating Convention, the National Committee shall be the decision-making body responsible for amending the platform. The process shall be as established in the GPUS Rules and Procedures.

9-1.4 Amendments to the Platform may be submitted for consideration by any accredited state party or caucus, or any committee whose Mission Statement authorizes it.


This text replaces the entire 2004 Militarization of Space Section:

Chapter 1: Grassroots Democracy

Section Title: Militarization of Space

Section Subtitle: Green support peaceful exploration of space

Our position: Humankind's technological entrance into outer space happened after WWII, and Satellites became fundamental to the functioning of our society. Broadcast television, the internet, ATM machines, banking transfers, telephone service, credit card validation, weather prediction, terrestrial and oceanic mapping, atmospheric and natural disaster monitoring, urban planning and navigation all rely on the use of satellites.

There are some 600 to 800 operational satellites currently in orbit; of which the majority were launched by the United States. Also,there are approximately 40,000 bits of debris circulating the Earth. The space environment is over-taxed by space pollution from orbital debris and saturation of radio-frequency.

For years, space was a zone of cooperation as civil society and commercial industry increased their use and dependence on space systems. Despite tacit and expressed agreement among nations not to militarize space, the United States government, partially driven by its mistrust of international treaties, pursues the militarization path. In effect, it has become the threat it feared from others.

The line between land-based and space-based weapons has faded from sight as the US Air Force and the Missile Defense Agency researched and developed space-weapon technologies. These weapons, launched from land or space, target orbiting assets or other space weapons and enable the US to better manage any threat to our nation or to our foreign bases and allies.

While multiple efforts have been made to hold conventions, and forums to ban space weapons, and to build trust among nations, they are futile without US agreement. The US is expanding its space power.

Green Solutions:

1. Opposes all forms of militarization of space.

2. Oppose testing and deploying anti-satellite weapons (ASAT) from the land or the air.

3. Oppose the development and basing of interceptor missiles (SDI) in the US or other countries.

4. Oppose debris-creating weapons.

5. Oppose the use of space robots in a military espionage capacity.

6. Establish an international treaty for scheduling the launch, tracking and surveillance of space objects is imperative.

7. Establish an international treaty for reverses the militarization of space.

8. Support the continued exploration of space carried on by NASA, teamed up with other countries, with the caveat that experience and knowledge gained by this exploration should be deposited under UN supervision and shared with all members of the United Nations.




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