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Proposal ID51
Floor ManagerJake Schneider
Discussion08/18/2003 - 09/07/2003
Voting09/08/2003 - 09/14/2003
Presens Quorum29 0.6666
Consens Quorum37 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


The rules and procedures of The Green Party of The United States adopted its first fiscal policy is April 1998 and was last updated March 14, 2002. Since then, the nature and activity of Green party finances has changed dramatically requiring amendment of our fiscal policies.



Green Party of The United States Credit Card Policy

The Treasurer, in consultation with the Steering Committee and the Finance Committee, is authorized to obtain credit cards under the name of The Green Party of The United States, in order to facilitate normal fiscal operations of The Green Party of The United States.

The use of the GPUS credit card or any other persons credit card for GPUS expenditures does not constitute a loan under this fiscal policy as long as the bill is paid in full each month or in the case of any balance being unpaid for only one month due to late reporting of charges made to the card. Credit card statements will be sent to the Treasurer, and payment must be at least the minimum amount due each month. It is the intention of the GPUS to pay all credit card charges in full when due except for any disputed items that were charged on the card. Any decision not to pay the full amount due is subject to the loan provisions of this fiscal policy.

Only the Treasurer is automatically authorized to hold a credit card for which the GPUS is responsible. For any other person, such as staff or committee members to be issued a credit card, the Finance Committee must make a recommendation for Steering Committee approval and that card must be designated for that individual so that charges to it can be traced to each card holder.

The Finance Committee shall institute guidelines for credit limits and authorized usage limits for any credit card issued under the name of GPUS based upon the authorized monthly budgetary needs of each cardholder. All people herein issued credit cards are required to file a report to the Treasurer and/or accountant for each month, by the 10th day of the following month, indicating what each charge to the credit card is for, and what budgetary line item covers that expense. Repeated failure to provide this information is grounds for cancellation of charging privileges and return of the card at the Treasurers request.

The GPUS credit card may not be used for non-party expenses, nor for any unauthorized expenses, under any circumstance . If any person issued a GPUS credit card uses it for any unauthorized expense, the Treasurer may cancel the charging privileges of that card and request immediate return of the card as well as require immediate repayment of the unauthorized expenses.

The Finance Committee, or any staff and/or volunteers assigned by it, is authorized and required to monitor the use of the GPUS credit card to ensure that this policy is followed and enforced.





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