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Proposal ID513
ProposalPLATFORM: Chapter 2: Section K ImmigrationEmigration
PresenterPlatform Committee presenter, National Women's Caucus sponsor
Floor ManagerDavid Strand
Discussion07/22/2010 - 08/01/2010
Voting08/02/2010 - 08/08/2010
Presens Quorum31 0.6666
Consens Quorum65 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


PUS Bylaws Article IX. Platform

9-1.1 The GPUS Platform represents policies upon which most Greens would agree and serves as a basis for Green Presidential and Congressional campaigns. The Platform may only be amended as provided by this Article.

9-1.3 In even numbered years in which there is no Presidential Nominating Convention, the National Committee shall be the decision-making body responsible for amending the platform. The process shall be as established in the GPUS Rules and Procedures.

9-1.4 Amendments to the Platform may be submitted for consideration by any accredited state party or caucus, or any committee whose Mission Statement authorizes it.


Instructions: Add as new item 12 at the end of the existing 2004 text


12. We demand new policies and laws that deal more effectively and humanely with the victims of the increasing problem of illegal international trafficking in humans, primarily women and children who are bought, kidnapped, coerced, brutalized, defrauded, tricked and sold and marketed for forced sex (rape) and prostitution, with an estimated 50,000 trafficked to the U.S. And we call for stiffer, more appropriate policy, structure and laws to deal with the traffickers. We also demand that procedures that deport victims before the traffickers are prosecuted must be changed to allow the victims to testify against the traffickers which is a major component to bringing these cases to justice and to help to stem the tide of this heinous crime.




Morgen D'Arc morgen.darc - at -


Chapter II. Section K. Immigration/Emigration
We must never forget that we are a nation of immigrants, a rich tapestry of nationalities, races, religions and creeds who have come together to forge a new, classless society based on equality of opportunity and the individual freedoms and inalienable rights protected by our Constitution.

While it would be ideal to erase borders between countries, that would be impractical without reciprocity between nations. We seek that reciprocity as a practical goal. While we recognize that there must be some controls on immigration, if only for the sake of national security, the Green Party would endorse a friendlier (less intimidating) attitude towards immigration in all nations within certain guidelines.

The Green Party must consider immigration issues from an international standpoint, taking into account international labor and environmental standards, and human rights.

1. Preferential quotas based on race, class, and ideology should be abandoned for immigration policies that promote fairness, non-discrimination and family reunification.

2. We support policies that reflect our constitutional guarantees of freedoms of speech, association, and travel.

3. Particular attention should be given to those minorities who are political exiles and refugees.

4. Our relationship with our neighbor to the south, Mexico, needs to be given added attention due to the special historical and cultural relation it has with the southwest portion of the United States. Our border relations and reciprocal economic opportunities should be a central concern of a government that is looking to improved economic, environmental, and social conditions for both peoples.

5. The Green Party calls for permanent border passes to all citizens of Mexico and Canada whose identity can be traced and verified. Work permits for citizens of Mexico and Canada must be easily obtainable, thereby decriminalizing the act of gainful employment. This action would help eliminate exploitation of undocumented persons by criminals engaged in human contraband (coyotes) and unethical employers. It would also help ensure that taxes will be paid in each corresponding nation per its laws. These measures will also help temporary residents from Mexico and Canada to secure driving privileges and liability insurance.

6. Labor laws must be adjusted to take into account seasonal foreign workers. Employers must provide full rights to wages and health benefits to immigrant workers who make voluntary contributions to pension plans and pay Social Security taxes.

7. We advocate an end to employer sanctions, which have been shown to hurt not only undocumented workers but also U.S.-born workers (especially those of color). A fair and equitable legalization program will provide equal access to working people of all nationalities, not tied to a specific employer or guest worker program. Programs involving temporary worker status must include the option of permanent residency for immigrants already in the U.S. and protection of migrant worker savings.

8. Greens oppose “English-only” legislation. We would advocate legislation to ensure that federal funds marked for communities to provide ESL (english as second language) training, and health and social support services to immigrants actually go to them. When funds are spent in other areas, immigrants are being deprived of benefits that they earn as productive workers in their communities.

9. We oppose the use of racial profiling. We are concerned about reports of illegal raids and traffic stops based on ethnic appearance and not probable cause of a traffic violation. We would further advocate funding or education programs designed to reduce racism and bias against ethnic minorities. [See section A. 2. Racial Discrimination in this chapter]

10. We advocate adoption of certification standards for translators.

11. We oppose those who seek to divide us for political gain by raising ethnic and racial hatreds, and by blaming immigrants for social and economic problems.

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