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Proposal ID549
ProposalPLATFORM: Chapter 5, Introduction
PresenterGPUS Platform Committee, Green Party of California, sponsor
Floor ManagerDavid Strand
Discussion08/09/2010 - 08/22/2010
Voting08/23/2010 - 08/29/2010
Presens Quorum31 0.6666
Consens Quorum62 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


GPUS Bylaws Article IX. Platform

9-1.1 The GPUS Platform represents policies upon which most Greens would agree and serves as a basis for Green Presidential and Congressional campaigns. The Platform may only be amended as provided by this Article.

9-1.3 In even numbered years in which there is no Presidential Nominating Convention, the National Committee shall be the decision-making body responsible for amending the platform. The process shall be as established in the GPUS Rules and Procedures.

9-1.4 Amendments to the Platform may be submitted for consideration by any accredited state party or caucus, or any committee whose Mission Statement authorizes it.


Add new section called, "Introduction" in Chapter 5 "Non-Violence" in the GPUS Platform.

Greens aim to promote peace and disarmament throughout the United States and the world. We trust that non-violence is the best road to peace. We understand the right of self-defense, but we must move beyond actions that perpetuate violence.

The security of peoples worldwide is threatened by a dreadful array of violent impulses, including nationalism, greed, imperialism, ethnic and religious hatreds, nuclear weapons proliferation, terrorism, competition for raw materials and organized crime. Lasting peace can only be achieved through good will, mutual respect, justice, strengthening human rights, resolving environmental crises, and alleviating shortages of food and water.

We oppose structural and direct violence of all kinds; assaults against individuals, families, nations and cultures, the environment and biosphere. We do not support a world-view that relies on accommodation of tyranny or repressive regimes.

Across the world, peoples and nations must learn to overcome conflict without resorting to violence. Greens strongly believe in conflict prevention, negotiation, reconciliation and civilian crisis intervention. We want to increase the involvement of women in civil crisis prevention, civil conflict management, and post-conflict resolution. We encourage the development of non-violent culture, peaceful management of conflicts or disagreements, and challenging nationalistic, racist, militaristic and violent policies and behaviors.




Bruce Hinkforth
Marnie Glickman

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The proposal to create Chapter 5 is #530. Text can be found at

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