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Proposal ID61
ProposalMission, Policies, & Procedures of the Bylaws, Rules, Policies & Procedures Committee
PresenterBylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee
Floor ManagerGreg Gerritt
Discussion11/03/2003 - 11/23/2003
Voting11/24/2003 - 12/07/2003
Presens Quorum28 0.6666
Consens Quorum39 A Majority of Yes and No Votes



The primary mission of the Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee
(BRPP) is to maintain consistency between Green values, on one hand, and the
bylaws, rules, policies and procedures of the GPUS on the other. This is
done by focusing on the following areas:
1) Periodic review of the GPUS bylaws, rules, policies and procedures;
2) Assist in the development and documentation of the structure and
functioning of all GPUS committees;
3) Development of the role and functioning of caucuses;
4) Periodic review of the structure of the GPUS in order to make the
organization more effective;
5) Research, analysis, writing and proposing of bylaws, rules, policies and
procedures at the request of the SC, CC and committees of the GPUS.


The Committee shall consist of Green Party members from the various state
parties who either have been approved by their state parties or are
currently serving as delegates to the GPUS Coordinating Committee.

Members who have not participated on-line, in subcommittees, or on
teleconferences in the last three months shall be considered inactive
members and shall not be counted toward a quorum. An updated roster shall
be sent to the e-mail list at least every three months.

Two co-chairs, preferably reflecting gender balance, shall be elected with
staggered terms of two years each. If more than two candidates are
nominated, the committee shall vote using IRV. Members may nominate
themselves. Vacancies shall cause a vote for a replacement co-chair. A
recall election of a chair may be called, following the procedure for any

The responsibilities of the co-chairs shall include keeping the committee on
task, maintaining a current roster of committee members, conducting votes,
and communicating with CC and SC members for the BRPP committee and its
subcommittees. Co-chairs shall submit formal monthly reports to the CC list
detailing committee activities. The co-chairs shall come to explicit
agreement and continue to consult with each other about how their joint
responsibility is to be shared.

The committee may create working groups and subcommittees.


BRPP shall maintain an e-mail list for all committee business and formal

Before a proposal is forwarded to the Coordinating Committee, it shall first
be sent to all BRPP members, via the list, for formal approval. BRPP
members shall attempt to reach consensus on all proposals.

When a proposal is sent to the BRPP list, there shall be a two-week
discussion period. If consensus is not reached within two weeks, the group
may decide to add more time to the discussion period or to go to a five-day
voting period. The co-chairs shall conduct and verify the voting.
Two-thirds or more of all active BRPP members must vote in favor for a
decision for it to be approved. If a proposal is passed by a vote, the
submission to the CC shall include a section for the unresolved concerns of
those who opposed the measure.


When needed, BRPP shall conduct teleconferences for specific purposes.
Notice of any committee teleconference shall be sent out to the e-mail list
at least two weeks in advance and a reminder sent out two days before the
teleconference. Such notice shall include the purpose and a proposed

During teleconferences and face-to-face meetings, the committee shall seek
consensus and, when necessary, vote using a 2/3 majority of participants to
pass a proposal. Any decisions that are made during teleconferences or
in-person meetings shall be posted on line for final approval. Five days
shall be adequate time to test for consensus; if concerns are raised, the
standard two weeks, plus five days for voting, shall apply.





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