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Proposal ID638
ProposalNC confirmation of FARHEEN HAKEEM MN as Alternate Delegate to the 2012 Global Green Congress
PresenterInternational Committee
Floor ManagerTamar Yager
Discussion01/16/2012 - 01/29/2012
Voting01/30/2012 - 02/05/2012
Presens Quorum31 0.6666
Consens Quorum38 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


GPUS National Committee (NC) confirmation of GPUS ALTERNATE delegate to the Global Green Congress in Senegal, March 29-April 1, 2012, elected by the International Committee (IC), December 2011: FARHEEN HAKEEM (MN)


The IC seeks NC confirmation of GPUS ALTERNATE delegate FARHEEN HAKEEM (MN) to the Global Green Congress in Senegal, elected by the IC, December 2011.


immediate implementation




Farheen Hakeem has participated in the Green Party since 2002, knocking on doors for a Green Party endorsed gubernatorial candidate. In 2004, she was campaign manager for a congressional candidate that received about 6 percent of the vote (approx. 18,000). Farheen ran for Mayor of Minneapolis in 2005, being the only Green endorsed candidate ever in the race. Of the 12 candidates in the race, Farheen was the only woman, where she finished in 3rd place.

In 2007, Farheen Hakeem was elected as a GPUS delegate and was one of the founding members of Minnesotans for McKinney. Farheen left the group however to run for State Representative where she came in second earning 30 percent of the vote, while the Democrat received 60 percent and the Republican received only 10 percent.
Farheen Hakeem was elected as Co-chair to the National Green Party in August of 2009 and re-elected in August of 2011, making her the highest-ranking Muslim woman political officer in any political party in the United States.
List of my qualifications:

I have been to 10 different countries and 3 US territories at the age of 36.

I am fluent in three languages other than English, and can read and write in Arabic.

I have been knowledgeable and an activist in international movements such as (but not limited to) freedom for Palestine, Ending Plan Colombia, Free the Cuban 5, aid to Somalia, Pakistan-US watch, Female drivers rights in Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico Independence, Solidarity with non-violent Arab Spring movements, ending US imperialism, and free Chiapas movement.

View of leadership - When you are a leader, you serve a group of people. You bring solutions to the table, you strategize on how to prevent conflicts, and you cultivate ideas to make a better group. You remind people of the mission that brought you all together, and you work together to raise expectations of each other and the group as a whole.

This is different than, "I am in charge. It is my way or the highway." approach. It is an approach in which you empower people by delegating responsibility, not assigning. You also make clear expectations for everyone, including yourself, and not make personal assessments on character when expectations are not met to one's personal satisfaction.

Farheen Hakeem

GPMN delegate

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