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Proposal ID65
ProposalBudget 2004 (Revised)
PresenterFinance Committee and Steering Committee
Floor ManagerBen Manski
Discussion12/22/2003 - 02/15/2004
Voting02/16/2004 - 02/22/2004
Presens Quorum28 0.6666
Consens Quorum35 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


Preparation of the 2004 GPUS budget has been a difficult and time-consuming project. When first introduced in late December, many delegates offered comments and suggestions for improvement. Several of those individuals joined the budget committee, Finance Committee and SC for further budget deliberations during January. This revised budget is presented in a modified format in response to that work and to revisions in the fundraising plan. The Finance Committee sincerely appreciates the time and effort that everyone has contributed toward improving this budget proposal.

Last week the 2004 GPUS fundraising plan was approved by the CC. This budget allocates the $289,600 net proceeds from that plan to the various committees and activities of the Party, as well as identifying some additional fundraising planned by committees other than the Fundraising Committee.

This 2004 GPUS revised budget is presented as a baseline, minimum level of funding to 1) hire a full time person to support, assist, and coordinate the political and elective activities of the party and the states; 2)upgrade our fund raising program to be more efficient, professional, and productive; 3)continue the essential work of electoral and outreach efforts, and 4)maintain an efficient national office capable of supporting the activities of all committees, caucuses and state parties.

This is not the final budget for 2004; it is just the beginning of a continuing process to make changes during the year as unknowns turn into known facts and circumstances. We will incorporate the results of coming fundraising successes along with the work that committees have already done, striving to meet the needs of a growing political party, and laying the foundation for continued growth and success in the future.

A mid-year budget revision will be presented in June, 2004 for discussion and voting. With a new direct mail consultant preparing an improved program, and a new Fundraising Director focused on personal solicitations and successful events, we are hoping that our fundraising goals can be modified to exceed those in the fundraising plan just passed and in this budget allocation of those funds.

Many organizational changes have taken place over the last few months. These include employee changes in our two full time staff positions and new job descriptions for those positions; the imminent additions of a full time Political Director and a direct mail contractor; and part time consultants for: Bookkeeping, Web Designer, Web Developer, Media Director, Green Pages production, annual meeting Director and Assistant, and Diversitys Black Caucus Director of African American Affairs. This totals 11 positions: 3 full-time employees; 8 part-time, independent contractors; and 1 professional mailing firm.

All of this is being implemented in the volatility of the 2004 Presidential and other elections. This budget lays the groundwork to maintain a dependable operational core to support Party work and activities. Additional fundraising successes will be directed primarily toward electoral, organizing, and outreach efforts.


The revised budget which is being voted on is at which is a spreadsheet.

The initial budget proposal information is at
which is a directory to both the original proposed budget for 2004 and its supporting documentation as well as the 2003 budget.





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