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Proposal ID665
Proposal2012 Platform amendment proposal: Energy - WA
PresenterPlatform Committee Sponsored by GP of WashState
Floor ManagerTamar Yager
Discussion05/08/2012 - 05/20/2012
Voting05/21/2012 - 05/27/2012
Presens Quorum31 0.6666
Consens Quorum38 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes




In Chapter 3, the Energy section # 3, End the Use of Dirty and Dangerous Energy Sources; add subsection g.
Enact a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) until its damaging effects on water and air quality are fully studied and understood. Permanently ban high-volume hydraulic fracturing in sensitive watersheds. Regulate hydraulic fracturing under the Safe Drinking Water Act, Clean Water Act and National Environmental Policy Act, and require public disclosure of the chemicals used in fracturing fluids.


IMPLEMENTATION: Approval of this proposal will amend the 2012 Draft Platform, to be presented for approval at the 2012 Presidential Nominating Convention

CONTACT: Jan Martell, co-chair, 919-682-2472,
Bruce Hinkforth, co-chair, 262-569-1370,
Section editor: Michael Canney,


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