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Proposal ID699
ProposalApproval of International Committee Election of Muhammed Malik to Global Green Network
PresenterInternational Committee
Floor ManagerKaren Young
Discussion04/22/2013 - 05/05/2013
Voting05/06/2013 - 05/12/2013
Presens Quorum31 0.6666
Consens Quorum35 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


 In keeping with its Rules, Policies, and Procedures (R, P &P's), the IC seeks NC approval of three GPUS delegates to the Global Green Network (GGN): Muhammed Malik (FL), John Rensenbrink (ME), and Marian Douglas-Ungaro(DC), elected by the IC, March, 8 2013.

Muhammed Malik is a Kashmiri-American human rights advocate, born and raised in Miami. He has been with the Green Party for a number of years, serving recently as the elected Co-Chair of the Miami-Dade Green Party. He has been active on numerous fronts for social justice in the anti-war movement, palestinian rights movement, take back the land movement and voting rights and racial justice movements and has organized numerous domestic and international solidarity protests over the past few years. Muhammed has traveled to Europe, Middle East, and South Asia, and speaks English, Urdu/Hindi, conversational Spanish and basic Arabic. He speaks regularly at various movement conferences, including most recently at the national Students for Justice in Palestine conference, the Rights Working Group southeastern conference, and many others. He is the former executive director of CAIR (South Florida) and recently worked for the ACLU Florida as its racial justice and voting rights specialist. A founding partner of Black Mangrove Collective (Miami's first workers-collectively run bookstore/community center), Mr. Malik is currently a co-producer of the acclaimed "Let's Talk About It" weekly radio program, serves as a board member of South Florida Interfaith Workers Justice, and serves on the Green Party's International Affairs Committee. A recipient of SAALT's Changemaker Award and BORDC's Patriot Award, Muhammed was also selected as a 2011 Profile in Courage, along with Amy Goodman and Glenn Greenwald, by, a popular satirical website that monitors and exposes bigots and reactionaries. Muhammed has several years of experience in campaign research, public policy, grassroots organizing, and communications consulting and has lectured and presented at numerous universities and his op-eds have been featured in Huffington Post and his interviews and commentary (a number on international relations issues) have been featured in numerous outlets, including NPR, CNN, Al Jazeera, RT,Miami Herald,Miami New Times, OpEdNews,Sun Sentinel,Palm Beach Post, Hard Knock Radio-KPFA,Tampa Bay Times, "This Week In South Florida with Michael Putney,"Express Tribune, Chicago Tribune, the Young Muslim Voices Project (Center for American Progress), and Professor Deepa Kumar's new book: Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire.


The NC confirms GPUS delegate Muhammed Malik(FL) to the Global Green Network (GGN), elected by the IC, March 8, 2013.


Timeline: Immediate implementation


Election Procedure at:

CONTACT: Farheen Hakeem, IC Co-chair, 612-964-9143,

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