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Proposal ID709
ProposalApproval of International Committee Election of Sanda Everette as 2013 FPVA alternate
PresenterInternational Committee
Floor ManagerDarryl Moch
Discussion05/20/2013 - 06/02/2013
Voting06/03/2013 - 06/09/2013
Presens Quorum31 0.6666
Consens Quorum34 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


GPUS National Committee (NC) confirmation of GPUS alternate to the Federation of Green Parties of the Americas (FPVA), elected by the International Committee (IC), March 8, 2013: Sanda Everette (CA)

From: "Sanda Everette"
To: "International Committee"

As usual, I find it difficult to write a brief bio. There is so much about me that most of you
don't know that contributes to my desire to want to represent GPUS at international meetings.
I have been a Green Party member for almost 20 years, and began being active at my county
local level in 2000, and on our elected county council since 2002. I have attended state
meetings regularly and was elected to the state Coordinating Committee two years ago and
serve as its female co-chair.
I have attended every GPUS nation meeting since 2003, elected to my state delegation in
2005 and have served as its co-chair since 2007. I was asked by Cynthia McKinney to recruit
California delegates for her for the convention in Chicago and did that as well as being on the
credentialing committee. She also asked me to run for the GPUS Steering Committee and I
served as an SC co-chair for two years.
I originally was drawn to GPUS because of my interest in international Green Party work and
after waiting a couple of years for an opening, I was vetted by GPCA as a member of the
International Committee in 2006 and have been revetted by my state three times. During the
second year of my term on the Steering Committee, I was the SC co-chair of the Finance
committee. I was asked to remain on until the completion of the work on the new Fiscal
Policy. (I spoke out strongly about the need of the IC to have funds for international work and
that it should be seen as work for all of GPUS, not just the work of the IC. Since the Fiscal
Policy work lasted longer than I had anticipated, I ended up working on the budget as well,
and insisted on funds being included for the International Committee in the budget, and not
listed as a committee expense, but as a GPUS expense.
Originally my interest was in Europe. I have gone there almost every year for the past dozen
years. I have many friends in the Green Party in Italy and some in other parts of Europe. In
2011, when I realized the European Greens Congress was happening in Paris right about the
time I was visiting my Italian friends, I made arrangements to attend.....and enjoyed a week
free stay through Couchsurfing. It was a very fascinating experience. As you might expect, I
was the only person there from the US along with two people from Canada.
In 2008, I began to be interested in our work with the Federation of the Green Party of the
Americas/Federacion de Partidos Verdes de las Americas (FPVA) .... though had heard little
about it. In 2009, I started being more interested in it. I supported Michael Canney's election
as an FPVA delegate. When it appeared that once again GPUS was not going to be able to
provide funds, the IC began fundraising led primarily by Vivek, to make sure Michael had the
money to go to the FPVA meeting in Chile. Since the IC was vigorously trying to raise money
for him, I stuck my neck out and paid for his plane ticket with the promise that I would be
reimbursed first from funds raised; I was. Then I arranged a free place for him to stay through
Couchsurfing. A few days before he was scheduled to leave, I decided it would be good to go
with him. At the time, I was an SC member and our by-laws said SC members could
represent GPUS internationally, though that is different than being an elected delegate. I
asked to be appointed on a one time basis as an alternate delegate so that we would have
representation in Chile. Through what I believe was some inaccurate misconceptions, I was
not approved to represent the IC, but had decided to go anyway as an unofficial observer,
since I could fly there for less than $300 and had a free place to stay. What I did not know
when I chose to go, is that unlike our meetings which are open to any Green, the FPVA
business meeting is only open to FPVA delegates. This is a concern that the International
Committee had discussed this past fall before going to Guatemala and is one of our concerns

with the federation. They also had open meetings and events and I was able to attend those,
but not the business meeting. Michael has fluent Spanish and was able to represent us
well. My Spanish is only at survival level, but is improving. It was exciting to meet and
socialize with Greens from all over this hemisphere. I sent in a report from the part of the
meeting I did attend to the IC.
Then I became aware of the Global Climate Change Conference/COP16 that was to happen
in Cancun in late 2010. I knew that one could not go as a representative of a political party so
I began looking around for a non-profit to give me delegate status. I had traveled to Cuba with
Global Exchange and one of our GPCA delegation members works for them, so I was able to
make an arrangement through them. Partially because I was going to Mexico in December, I
did not consider going to FPVA in Columbia in November. I was saddened when I realized
that Michael was not going to be able to go because of our party's financial status, but I also
did not want to go again not representing the IC. Before I left for Cancun, I was surprised to
find out that the Green Party of Mexico was intending to have unofficial meetings during the
first week of the COP16, though most of the European Greens were not coming until the
second week. I wrote them, and was invited. It was a great experience getting to know so
many of them better, not only Greens from Mexico, but also from Venezuela, Costa Rica,
Brazil, and Columbia. There was far more opportunities for talking in English and for having
translations when the conversation was in Spanish. During the second week of the COP16,
more Greens came. I had previously made arrangements to stay in a condo and needed
other roommates, and through a chain of events, I got to room with Elizabeth May, head of
the Canadian Green Party. During the week there was a meeting with the European Greens,
too. I even got to meet Marina Silva as well as many elected Greens. Because of my
experience with Elizabeth May, I was invited to attend the Canadian Green Congress last fall
on Vancouver Island.
It has seemed like many in FPVA did not realize what a challenge our electoral system is as
they kept asking me why we did not have people elected to national office. I also think they do
not understand that although we are in a rich country, we are not a rich party. I think this has
contributed to some of our problems with FPVA, and why they think we should pay the same
dues as a more affluent party like Mexico.
I have had a growing interest in Latin America over the years and have made many trips to
Mexico as well as visits to Cuba, Guatemala, Panama and Costa Rica (I studied Spanish
there increasing my old college training.) I have remained friends, thanks to the internet, with
the people we stayed with in Chile, and continue some of the friendships I made in Mexico on
this last trip. My Spanish has improved just reading those Facebook entries...Google
translation is a great help, too.
I have also supported GPUS as a financial sustainer at the county, state, and national level
since at least 2003, as well as supporting numerous candidates all across the country. As
someone who has been in numerous leadership roles in the party, I know how to
separate my own personal opinions on a subject from the party's platform in the few instances
when there are differences. If representing GPUS and the International Committee, I can
pledge to represent the party and the committee, distinguishing our party's positions
from my own personal opinions.
Since I left the Finance Committee, my primary GPUS committee work has been in Media. I
have been increasingly passionate about the use of technology to spread our message and
have enjoyed not only working on web design (I now maintain my local's website and work on
my state party site), but on Livesteam Technology and have been working with Craig Seeman
on Livestreaming.
I was a teacher and was active in my union until I retired in 2009, at which time I started

thinking of myself as a full-time activist. I am permaculture designer, organic gardener, an
activist for many decades (my first anti-war march was in 1969 and I can't believe we are still
doing it), and co-creator of the San Mateo Ecovillage. I think of myself as a planetary citizen,
love to travel...I think I have gypsy blood, and am fortunate that my husband is a machinist for
United Airlines, so have flight benefits. I am also very good at knowing how to travel for very
little money. I have been on every continent except Antarctica. (I rationalize my travel carbon
footprint because I am such an environmental fanatic in the rest of my life.)

Thank you for reading this and considering me for a position to represent GPUS.

Sanda Everette, GPCA


The NC confirms GPUS delegate Sanda Everette (CA) as 2013 FPVA alternate, elected by the IC, March 8, 2013.


Timeline: Immediate implementation


Election procedure at:

CONTACT: Farheen Hakeem, IC Co-chair, 612-964-9143,

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