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Proposal Details

Proposal ID72
PresenterCT, ME, AND MD
Floor ManagerJo Chamberlain
Discussion02/01/2004 - 02/22/2004
Voting02/23/2004 - 02/29/2004
Presens Quorum28 0.6666
Consens Quorum32 A Majority of Yes and No Votes



Formation of an ad-hoc strategy committee. This ad-hoc committee will be created to develop and conduct a survey of greens regarding GPUS outreach, media,fundraising, local and state election support, local and state organizing and other issues. The results of this survey will be analyzed by the committee and used to develop a strategy for growing the GPUS and its affiliated state parties.

The committee will consist of nine members. Five of the committee members must be members of an existing national committee. The other four members will be reserved for green party members who have an interest in this project. The committee may also have up to three advisors who will not have voting privileges on the committee.

All final products of this ad hoc committee will be presented to the GPUS Coordinating Committee for comment and approval.

The final products will be:

1. A National Shared Vision Survey. Develop and
administer a survey to national, state and local greens and elected Green officials.

2 National Strategic Plan. Based on survey responses, the committee will recommend goals and action steps (i.e. priorities, progams, and activities) for the GPUS that would energize donors and activists, grow state and local parties, assist in the election of state and local candidates, increase donations (of time and money) and increase the stature and influence of the Green Party nationally.

3. Organizational Development Plan. Based on these recommendations, the committee will also recommend resources and needs, including additional staff requirements (e.g., national director, media, fundraising, state coordinator, committee coordinator etc.) and needs for new or expanded program activities for the national office.





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