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Proposal ID735
ProposalFiscal Policy: Housekeeping Changes
PresenterFinance Committee
Floor ManagerKatey Culver
Discussion01/13/2014 - 01/26/2014
Voting01/27/2014 - 02/02/2014
Presens Quorum30 0.6666
Consens Quorum40 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


It is the responsibility of the Finance Committee of GPUS to ensure that Green Party documents relevant to financial matters are both current and accurate. In its dutiful review of the  FISCAL POLICY of the GREEN PARTY of the UNITED STATES document, the Finance Committee found a number of minor errors of punctuation, omitted words, redundant terms, and the like in the document.  The Committee has prepared the changes to the Fiscal Policy listed just below for consideration by the National Committee, and recommends their adoption.


Proposed housekeeping changes to the Fiscal Policy document:  
  1)  Article 1-Sec.2.1 Omit "provision" and include "Rules," excluding "Rules" at the conclusion of the sentence. 
  2)  Article 1-Sec.3.9 The "R" in Rules should be capitalized. 
  3)  Article  1-Sec.3.11 The "T" in Treasurer should be capitalized. 
  4)  Article  5-Sec.2.3 Omit "each one's" and substitute "their" in line 3. 
  5)  Article  6-Sec.2.1(a) The comma before "and" should be after "and" in line 2.
  6)  Article  6-Sec.2.2 (c) There should be no comma between "projection" and "that" in line 2. 
  7)  Article  6-Sec.5.1 (a) sixth line - include "time" after "which." 
  8)  Article  7-Sec.4.1 Omit "For" in line 2. 
  9)  Article  8-Sec.1.6 Add "the" before "caucus" in line 3. 
10)  Article  9-Sec.2.2.1 Omit the second sentence, and edit the third sentence to read as follows: “Reports from the Accountant and the Treasurer will document this transfer.” 
11)  Article  9-Sec.2.2.2 Omit the second sentence entirely. 
12)  Article  9-Sec.2.2.3 Period at end of sentence, after "purpose."
13)  Article  9-Sec.3.2 Second sentence - capital "C" in caucus. 
14)  Article  9-Sec.6.2 Omit "other" and add "individual" in line 1. 
15)  Article  9-Sec.6.2 Last Sentence - comma after "review."  
16)  Article  9-Sec.6.3 Omit "are" in line 2. 
17)  Article  11-Sec.2.4 (a) Omit "to" and add "shall" in the last line. 
18)  Article  11-Sec.2.4 (b) Add capital "S" before "C" in line 5. 
19)  Article  11.Sec.2.7 5th line "its", not "it's". 
20)  Article  13-Sec.3.6 Add "are fulfilled." at the close. 
21)  Article  Change the address to PO Box 75075, Washington, DC 20013. 




GPUS Fiscal Policy @

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