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Proposal ID737
ProposalGPUS signing on to and encouraging participation in the Global Climate Convergence
PresenterSteering committee
Floor ManagerDarryl Moch
Discussion02/04/2014 - 02/16/2014
Voting02/17/2014 - 02/23/2014
Presens Quorum30 0.6666
Consens Quorum29 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


Members of GPUS have signed on as individuals, states, and community groups; additionally the Green Shadow Cabinet has signed on to be part of this historic convergence. Some within GPUS have called for GPUS signing on for this series of events. This proposal is a reflection of those calls for action and participation

The Convergence is a multi-year education and direct action campaign that begins this spring, with “10 days to change course,” running from Earth Day to May Day, 2014. It provides coordinated action to multiply, amplify and build synergy across grassroots justice movements.

As you know, the movement for democracy and justice is sweeping the globe – from democracy revolutions to anti-austerity uprisings, occupy protests; movements for living wage jobs and the rights of workers, immigrants, women and Indigenous peoples; resistance to student debt, school-to-prison pipelines, tar sands, fracking, nuclear power, GMOs and more. The accelerating climate disaster intensifies all these struggles, and provides new urgency for collaboration and unified action.

In fact, the accelerating climate crisis is predicted to make civilization as we know it unlivable as soon as 2050. Current science now points to this as the approximate time frame when warming will reach a critical threshold, (two to four degrees Celsius), causing drought, flood, agricultural decline, rising seas, killer heat waves and mass extinctions sufficient to begin the widespread unraveling of civilization. Clearly there is no time to lose.

The Convergence…holds the promise of unprecedented global collaboration – across movements and across national borders – to harness the energy and power we already possess as a thousand separate movements.

A dream team of leaders from a broad spectrum of local, regional, national and global networks is laying the groundwork for Convergence. This group is now planning the first episode of Earth Day-to-May Day global action for People, Planet and Peace over Profit. This will be the first in an ongoing series of such annual actions, bringing us together to lift up the transformative power of existing grassroots justice movements.


The National Committee, as the decision making body of GPUS, authorizes the endorsement of “The Global Climate Convergence – Earth day to May Day, 2014” event(s) by GPUS and as such encourage all of its member parts to find ways to actively participate and present a GPUS presence at the planned events and actions.


IMPLEMENTATION / TIMELINE: Upon adoption of the proposal the Secretary of GPUS will send our endorsement to the organizers and will subsequently distribute or cause to be distributed via internal and external communications both GPUS involvement and information to maximize GPUS member participation.


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