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Proposal Details

Proposal ID749
ProposalApproval of David Doonan for 2014 GPUS National Meeting Facilitator
PresenterSteering Committee
Floor ManagerCharles Ostdiek
Discussion06/11/2014 - 06/22/2014
Voting06/23/2014 - 06/29/2014
Presens Quorum30 0.6666
Consens Quorum45 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


Proposal 121 (adopted 1/30/05) stipulates that "all face to face meetings . . . of the Green National Committee will be facilitated by a person or persons who have been approved by the Green National Committee."

  "It is encouraged that Committees, Caucuses and States consider the qualifications such as experience and familiarity with the Green Consensus process. No candidate who is registered with another party other than Greens, where Green registration is available, will be considered.

  "The Steering Committee will schedule a vote by the NC for approval of individual facilitators. No Facilitator who failed to receive at least 50%+1 of the approval vote will be permitted to facilitate the NC meetings.

  "Facilitators with the highest approval ratings will be given preference when assigning facilitators. The ANMC will strive to schedule two facilitators for any given time period to ensure backup if needed. Gender balance is strongly encouraged."

  Nominees are encouraged to send info on their facilitation experience to the NC Votes list.


The GNC hereby approves DAVID DOONAN to serve as a Facilitator for The 2014 GPUS National Meeting.




Proposal 121 - Approval of Facilitators for National Meetings

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