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Proposal Details

Proposal ID76
ProposalMedia Committee Rules (Revised)
PresenterStarlene Rankin, Media Committee
Floor ManagerGreg Gerritt
Discussion02/02/2004 - 02/22/2004
Voting02/23/2004 - 02/29/2004
Presens Quorum28 0.6666
Consens Quorum33 A Majority of Yes and No Votes



Media Committee Rules


1) To develop and implement a comprehensive media strategy for
the USGP
2) To achieve maximum coverage of GP in National Press
3) To facilitate State and Local GP media persons/committees in
achieving maximum GP coverage
4) To facilitate communication and coordination between National
and State/Local media efforts


Each affiliated state may appoint up to three voting members to
the Media Committee. Each accredited caucus may appoint from
among its members, regardless of residence, up to three voting

Members who have not participated on-line, in subcommittees, or
on teleconferences for 90 consecutive days shall be considered
inactive members at the discretion of the Co-chairs.

The Committee shall elect 2 Co-chairs, preferably reflecting
gender balance. The Co-chairs shall be elected with staggered terms of two years each. If more than two candidates are nominated, the committee shall vote using IRV. Members may nominate themselves. Vacancies shall cause a vote for a replacement co-chair.

The Committee shall appoint an Administrator who will be responsible for facilitating meetings, recording minutes of
meetings, managing listservs and other administrative and management work. The Co-chairs, along with the Committee
Administrator, shall facilitate the work of the Committee. The Co-chairs act as Media Coordinators for the USGP.

The committee may create working groups and subcommittees.


The Media Committee shall maintain an e-mail list for all committee business. The Media Committee listserv includes all state delegates, observers and advisors to the Media Committee. Advisors are approved by the Co-chairs on the basis of their potential to contribute to the effectiveness of the committee work. They are not official voting members of the committee.

The committee holds monthly conference calls to organize its work. Notice of committee conference calls shall be sent out to the e-mail list at least a week in advance and a reminder sent out the day before the call.

During conference calls and face-to-face meetings, the committee shall seek consensus and, when necessary, vote using a 2/3 majority of participants to pass a proposal.





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