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Proposal Details

Proposal ID77
ProposalBylaws amendment on caucuses and resolutions
Floor ManagerGreg Gerritt
Discussion02/23/2004 - 03/15/2004
Voting03/16/2004 - 03/22/2004
Presens Quorum28 0.6666
Consens Quorum50 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


This proposed rule change was initiated by the discovery that nothing
exists in our rules or by-laws regarding the privilege to submit
proposals to the CC by GPUS “caucuses”.

Whether the rule was passed in Santa Barbara but never recorded, as some
say, or was never agreed to specifically, as other say, this will decide
the issue fairly, democratically and finally.

The BRPP is currently working on a new and more defined process for
submittal and approval of proposals from State parties, committees and,
if this “change” passes, accredited caucuses, as defined in our

A rough early draft of the new system was posted a few weeks ago and is
what precipitated this proposal.

I will answer questions either on or off list.

Andy Parx, BRPP


Be it resolved that all GPUS affiliated caucuses, as defined in GPUS by-laws and rules, shall be permitted to submit proposals directly to the CC in the same manner as state parties, with all resulting rights and responsibilities

Be it further resolved, the enabling of this resolution shall be effectuated in housekeeping changes, adding caucuses to state parties in all GPUS by-laws, rules policies and procedures when describing entities that may submit proposals to the CC as described





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