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Proposal Details

Proposal ID775
ProposalApproval of Frank Young as GPUS Forum Manager
PresenterSteering Committee
Floor ManagerBudd Dickinson
Discussion03/30/2015 - 04/12/2015
Voting04/13/2015 - 04/19/2015
Presens Quorum30 0.6666
Consens Quorum31 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


The two year terms of GPUS Forum Managers having lapsed in January, 2014, nominations for Forum Manager are overdue.
 Holly Hart and Frank Young have been serving in this capacity.


The National Committee approves:
 Frank Young, Mountain Green Party (WV)
 as Forum Manager to serve the remainder of the term ending, December 31, 2015, in accordance with the GPUS Listserv Protocol established by Proposal 186 and Proposal 744, which authorized GPUS Forum Managers to monitor the NC Forum.


Volunteer time and labor to monitor NC Forum in compliance with GPUS Listserv Protocol.


Proposal ID 186: Proposed Listserv Protocol for Delegates Discussion and Votes Lists -- Amended
 Proposal ID 632: Approval of Holly Hart as Forum Manager
 Proposal ID 635: Approval of Frank Young as Forum Manager
 Proposal ID 744: NC Forum Transition - Discussion Extended

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