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Proposal Details

Proposal ID781
ProposalConfirmation of Vivek Ananthan as Alternate Delegate to the FPVA
PresenterInternational Committee
Floor ManagerCharles Ostdiek
Discussion04/06/2015 - 04/19/2015
Voting04/20/2015 - 04/26/2015
Presens Quorum30 0.6666
Consens Quorum34 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


On March 6th, 2015, the International Committee concluded its elections for Delegates to The Global Greens Network.

The elections were certified by the IC ad hoc subcommittee for elections, Judy Herkimer (NWC), Justine McCabe (CT), and Carl Romanelli (PA).


Vivek Ananthan is confirmed GPUS Alternate Delegate to the FPVA.


Immediate implementation


Charles Ostdiek, 402-718-5991,
Vivek Ananthan,

 gpus r&p's article vi:
"Section 6-2 Types of Proposals and their Approval Threshold (Consens Quorum)
6-2.1 The following proposals before the National Committee shall require 2/3 of all 'yes' and 'no' votes cast for passage [...]
6-2.1(h) Delegation of National Committee Decision-Making Power"

I offered myself to serve in two positions in the Green Party. At the very outset let me thank you for accepting me unopposed to the co-chair position.
Regarding FPVA I have been to a few meetings and am very familiar with the countries around and their situation. I am confident that I will stand up to the occasion. I have travelled in 99 countries including five countries for Green mission.
I work with 24 other groups around the world on various missions. Attended meetings on all five major continents. I am one of the nearly 150 peoples around the world who freed the country East Timor with the help of the United Nations.

Currently I am a co- treasurer of the Green Party of Pennsylvania and actively involved with the Green Party of Philadelphia. I am an Asian American born in Sri Lanka, lived in India for 15 years and have lived here in the USA for more than 43 years.

Eagerly awaiting your positive response to serve with FPVA. Thanks.

Vivek Ananthan
Philadelphia, PA

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