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Proposal Details

Proposal ID785
ProposalProposal To Restore NC Votes Email List
PresenterNorth Carolina Green Party, etc
Floor ManagerCharles Ostdiek
Discussion06/08/2015 - 06/28/2015
Voting06/29/2015 - 07/05/2015
Presens Quorum30 0.6666
Consens Quorum52 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


The GPUS National Committee conducted its business through email until late fall of 2014, when the Votes (business) and Discussion (general interest) email lists were closed, and communication was moved to the NC Bulletin Board, or Forum. This was presented to delegates as an experiment, to see if a forum system would work better and help to solve some long-time problems, such as rude argumentative exchanges and repetitive or verbose posting by some members.
These problems have pretty much gone away with the switch to the forum – but so has almost all substantive discussion of proposals and business. Very few delegates are posting, and when they do, few are responding. It appears that fewer delegates engage through the forum than they did by email.


Restore the NC Votes business email list and keep the Forum for general interest discussion.


Normal; no rule changes necessary.

Immediately on approval of this proposal.


North Carolina Green Party
Contacts: Jan Martell, delegate,, 919-682-2472
Wayne Turner, co-chair,, 919-491-3186

National Women’s Caucus
Contact: Julia Willebrand, delegate,, 212-877-5088
Maine Green Independent Party
Contact: Morgen D’Arc,, 207-761-7797

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