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Proposal ID812
ProposalProposal to establish Committee Rules for the GPUS Animal Rights Committee
PresenterGreen Party of Connecticut
Floor ManagerCharles Ostdiek
Discussion02/22/2016 - 03/20/2016
Voting03/21/2016 - 03/27/2016
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum40 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


This proposal is being submitted concurrently with a proposal to establish a GPUS Animal Rights Committee.

GPUS Bylaws 3-1.3 state “In conjunction with or after the establishment of a new committee, the National Committee shall approve Committee Rules, that will guide each committee’s internal operations and decision-making. Until the adoption of such Rules a Committee may meet, but may not conduct internal committee elections nor make proposals to the National Committee.” (

If both this proposal and the proposal to establish the Animal Rights Committee are approved, the Animal Rights Committee would have basic Committee Rules in place to guide its operations upon its establishment, enabling the committee to begin its work immediately, and take advantage of the enthusiasm of its newly appointed members. The Animal Rights Committee would also be empowered under GPUS Bylaws to propose its own amendments to its Committee Rules. If no Committee Rules are passed, the Animal Rights Committee would not be empowered to propose amendments to its own Committee Rules, but instead would be dependent upon a state party or caucus to do so. While this proposal doesn't establish Committee Rules for all foreseeable procedures, it provides enough of a foundation from which the Committee could generate further amendments.

This proposal would take effect five weeks (35 days) after the establishment of the Animal Rights Committee, so that all state parties and caucuses could have time to make appointments to the Committee and provide a meaningful membership base, before the Committee would elect its internal leadership and/or make proposals to the National Committee. Furthermore, GPUS Bylaws 3-2.2 states “To be considered active for the purposes of submitting proposals to the National Committee, a committee must have members from at least five states.” This five week appointment time period will also make it likely that at least the minimum number of states will make their appointments under this bylaws.

GPUS Bylaws Section 3-7 Committee Rules requires that each set of Committee Rules must establish and codify certain procedures regarding internal decision-making, responsibilities of committee officers, the process for establishing sub-committees, guidelines for member participation and procedures by which minority opinions may be conveyed to the National Committee ( These procedures are all found in this proposal.

GPUS Bylaws 3-2.2 also states “Each committee may have up to three members from each state Green Party and caucus, unless otherwise specified by the National Committee in a committee’s Committee Rules.” This proposal would allow each state Green Party and caucus to appoint up to three members per state or caucus.

GPUS Bylaws 3-2.3 states “The National Committee may establish recommended membership criteria and experience for any committee.” This proposal recommends that appointees have a background and experience in animal rights issues and abide by the GPUS Platform Chapter 3 Section K. Ethical Treatment of Animals.

GPUS Bylaws 3-3.1 states “All committees shall have two co-chairs who serve staggered two-year terms, unless otherwise specified by the National Committee in the Committee Rules.” This proposal enacts two co-chairs with staggered term formula.

GPUS Bylaws 3-4.1 states “All committees shall conduct internal elections by Instant Run-Off Voting and Ranked Choice Voting consistent with Article 7 of the GPUS Rules and Procedures, related to Preference Voting Rules for Steering Committee Elections.” Since each co-chair seat would be elected separately in order to serve staggered terms, this proposal would establish the use of two separate co-chair elections, each conducted by ranked-choice voting.


That the National Committee approve the following Committee Rules for the GPUS Animal Rights Committee, to go into effect five weeks after the establishment of a GPUS Animal Rights Committee.

Committee Rules of the Animal Rights Committee

Section 1 Membership

1.1 Committee membership shall consist of members appointed by state parties and caucuses

1.2 Each state party or caucus may appoint up to three committee members.

1.3 It is recommended that appointees have a background in animal rights issues and are supportive of the Committee Purpose, Mission Statement, and Rules.

Section 2 Co-chairs

2-1 Elections and Terms

2-1.1 Two co-chairs, preferably reflecting gender balance, shall be elected to staggered, two year terms. Elections shall be Single Transferable Voting with a fractional Droop threshold, using the method specified in GPUS Bylaws and Rules and Procedures for conducting Steering Committee elections. Members may nominate themselves.
2-1.2 Vacancies shall cause a vote for a replacement co-chair.
2-1.3 A recall election of a chair may be called, following the procedure for any committee proposal.

2-2 Responsibilities

2-2.1 Keeping the committee and its subcommittees and working groups on task
2-2.2 Maintaining a current roster of committee members on the committee web page
2-2.3 Overseeing the committee website and ensuring its accuracy
2-2.4 Administering the committee email list
2-2.5 Facilitating committee meetings and ensure meeting minutes are taken and published to the committee email list
2-2.6 Conducting committee votes
2-2.7 Communicating with Steering Committee and National Committee on behalf of the Committee
2-2.8 Consulting with members about how their joint responsibility is to be shared.

Section 3 Communications and Meetings

3.1 Email List and/or Group Discussion Page

3-1.1 The committee shall maintain an email list and/or group discussion page for committee discussion and formal decision-making. All committee members have the right to be subscribed to the email and/or discussion page.

3-1.2 The committee may meet in person at GPUS Annual National Meetings and may schedule teleconferences as needed to facilitate committee business. Notice of any such meeting shall be sent out to the email list at least two weeks in advance, shall include a proposed agenda, and shall send/post a reminder two days in advance, which should include any proposed changes to the agenda.

3.2 Guidelines for Participation

3-2.1 All committee members are welcome to participate in all committee meetings and business, whether conducted on-line, in-person or via teleconference or other such means.

3-2.2 Committee members are expected to participate in a civil, respectful, positive and constructive manner toward a goal of advancing objectives in the committee's Mission Statement.

3.2.3 Committee members are encouraged to seek common ground and consensus where possible.

Section 4 Decision-Making

4-1 Proposals

4-1.1 All platform amendments and proposals to the National Committee require 2/3 majority and must be co-sponsored by at least two ARC members from at least two different state parties or caucuses.
4-1.2 All platform amendments and proposals to the National Committee require 2/3 majority and shall contain a background section that includes making clear which part of the Committee's Mission Statement that proposal would seek to carry out.
4-1.3 All ARC positions require a simple majority and must be co-sponsored by at least two ARC members from at least two different state parties or caucuses.

4-2 Voting

Voting shall take place on the committee email list. However, the committee may choose to use a voting page similar to that used by the National Committee for decision-making, when such an option is made available by the Steering Committee.
4.2.1 Quorum

Quorum for all Committee decision making shall be a simple majority of all active Animal Rights Committee members, with at least five state parties represented. An active member of the ARC shall be defined as a duly-selected member who has been active within the last three months, taking part in discussion, decisions, or subgroup work within that period. The co-chairs shall be responsible for keeping a roster of active members, though they may ask other committee members to actually keep the list. One third of the active membership shall constitute a quorum for formal decision making. There shall be no quorum requirements for the committee to take on projects, designate people to work on projects, or other informal work that moves the committees operations and projects along.

4.2.2 Approval Threshold - Proposals Requiring 2/3 Majority

4.2.2(a) Resolutions and official position statements on animal rights issues, consistent with the GPUS Platform, for consideration by the National Committee.
4.2-2(b) Amendments to the GPUS Platform on animal rights issues, for consideration by the National Committee.
4.2-2(c) Endorsement of legislation of national significance, as well as endorsement of marches, demonstrations and similar actions of national significance, that support animal rights and are consistent with the GPUS Platform, for consideration by the National Committee.
4-2.2(d) Amendments to the Committee Rules of the Animal Rights Committee for approval by the National Committee as are necessary to fulfill the committee's mission, duties and responsibilities.
4-2.2(e) Recall of a committee co-chair.
4-2.2(f) Establishment of Committee sub-committees as necessary to the fulfillment of the Committee’s mission.


None required


Mary Lawrence, Greater Hartford Chapter of Green Party of CT
76 Saxon Road, Wethersfield, CT 06109 • 860-985-1645

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