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Proposal Details

Proposal ID849
ProposalGPUS 2016 Budget Amendment
PresenterJeff Turner, Charles Ostdiek
Floor ManagerAndrea Merida
Discussion07/26/2016 - 08/01/2016
Voting08/02/2016 - 08/08/2016
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum42 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


In March, the Merchandising Committee requested a spending package for the ANM/PNC that exceeded their budgeted line item. Another request for additional spending was anticipated. As merchandise pays for itself with sales, these requests were not considered unreasonable. However, they do require this budget amendment.

Also reflected in this amendment for purposes of transparency are a few unanticipated administrative expenses including outreach expenses and logo re-registration.
With the resignation of one of our fundraising staff, we've engaged the contract services of writers for our fundraising letters and email. This amendment shows those changes as well.

Finally, as we have had a windfall of donations in the wake of Sanders' concession, an emergency increase in spending on ballot access is included.


The Steering Committee presents the following 2016 Budget Amendment:

Implementation/Timeline/Resources: Budget amendment would become effective upon passage.

"6-2.5 Upon the approval of findings stating why specific non-budgeted expenditures are necessary, the SC may approve such expenditures on a one-time basis or of otherwise limited duration, up to a limit of 0.5% of the budget or $1,500 per month, whichever is greater, for unanticipated administrative or emergency costs not included in the budget, without prior approval of the NC. Such findings shall be published to the NC votes list no more than 72 hours after the conclusion of the SC meeting at which the findings are approved. Should the SC conclude that such unanticipated necessary administrative expenses are likely to continue, it shall propose a budget revision to the NC, rather than treating such expenses on an ongoing ad-hoc basis."


Budget amendment documents:

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