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Proposal Details

Proposal ID859
ProposalNC confirmation of Bahram Zandi as Delegate to the 2017 Global Green Congress
PresenterInternational Committee
Floor ManagerSanda Everette
Discussion01/17/2017 - 01/29/2017
Voting01/30/2017 - 02/05/2017
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum28 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


GPUS National Committee (NC) confirmation of GPUS delegate to the Global Green Congress in Liverpool, England, March 30-April 2, 2017, elected by the International Committee (IC), December 2016: Bahram Zandi (MD)


The IC seeks NC confirmation of GPUS delegate Bahram Zandi (MD) to the Global Green Congress in England, elected by the IC, December 2016.


Proposal 575 Approval of Revised Rules, Policies and Procedures of the GPUS International Committee, Pt 1-4

Section 3-1 Delegates and Alternates to the Federacion de Partidos Verdes de las Americas (FPVA), the Global Green Network (GGN), and Global Green Congresses.

3-1.1(a) The Committee shall elect GPUS Delegates to the Federacion de Partidos Verdes de las Americas (FPVA), the Global Green Network (GGN), and the Global Green Congress from within the International Committee. Only Committee Members may be Delegates. An FPVA Delegate may also be a Delegate to the Global Green Coordination (GGC), if elected to that position by the Federation, but may not also be a Delegate to the Global Green Network (GGN). Any Member of the Committee may be nominated and serve as Delegate or Alternate to the Global Green Congress. No member of any committee of the Green Party of the United States, nor of any state Green party or caucus affiliated with GPUS, may claim to be a GPUS-authorized Representative or Observer, in any international meeting or body, absent selection according to either Section 3-1 or 3-2 of these Rules, Policies and Procedures.

3-1.1(b) Notwithstanding provisions of 3-1.1(a), the National Committee retains ultimate and final authority over any and all international Delegates, Alternates, and other Representatives who represent the Party, and may at any time, at its sole discretion, initiate recall and removal proceedings for any such Delegate, Alternate, or Representative. Such proceedings may be conducted without regard to the ordinary election or appointment timetable established in Article III, but shall in all cases adhere to the Party's same due process and procedural guidelines, as established for the recall of Steering Committee members (seeSection 3-3.2 Removal by the National Committee).

Immediate implementation


I joined GPMD in 2000.

I am currently a national Steering Committee co-chair of GPUS, co-chair of the IC and a delegate to the Federation of the Green Parties of the Americas. I have participated and presented workshops and seminars at international conferences.

International Activities:

- European Green Party Council, Kiev, Ukraine, 2005
- European Green Party Council, Vienna, Austria, 2007
- Global Green Congress, Sao Paolo, Brazil, 2008
- World Social Forum, Belem, Brazil, 2009
- UN Forum 2010, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
- US Social Forum and GPUS ANM, Detroit, Michigan, 2010.
- Food Sovereignty study tour of Venezuela, July 2011.

- European Green Party Council, Athens, Greece, 2012.
- European Green Party Council, Madrid, Spain, 2013.

- FPVA congress delegate, La Paz, Bolivia, 2013

- Visit to Mondragon Cooperatives, Spain, 2014
- Moderator for Peace Action Montgomery's Forum, Feb. 2015
- Member, organizing committee, Maryland United for Peace and Justice,since ​May 2015​
- European Geen Party Council, Zagreb, Croatia, 2015.

- FPVA congress delegate, Dominican Republic, November 2015.

- FPVA congress delegate, Brasil, November 2016.

Conference and Workshop Presentations:

- Workshop on Iran, GPUS ANM , Baltimore, MD July 2012.
- Workshop: The Militarization of America, At What Cost?, GPUS ANM, Iowa City, IA, 2013.
- Workshop: Crisis in Ukraine, GPUS ANM, St. Paul, MN, 2014
- Left Forum panel, May 2015
- US Social Forum panel, June 2015
- Workshop: Mondragon Cooperatives: Humanity at Work, GPUS ANM, July 2015

- Left Forum panel, May 2016
- Sao Paulo Forum, June 2016.
- World Social Forum, Montreal, Canada, August 2016.

I have submitted together with John Rensenbrink a workshop titled: "No to Militarization and War" to the Global Greens 2017 and need to go there.

Thank you for your attention.

Bahram Zandi, Ph.D.
co-chair, IC and SC

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