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Proposal Details

Proposal ID874
PresenterGreen Party of Texas
Floor ManagerChris Blankenhorn
Discussion07/17/2017 - 07/23/2017
Voting07/24/2017 - 07/30/2017
Presens Quorum33 0.6666
Consens Quorum83 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


The Green Party of Texas has recently elected a National Committee delegate who is also a member of the GPUS staff. Because the SC has asked us to remove this delegate with no cause or rule violation, and the lack of rules and ambiguity of precedent in similar past situations call for clarity and direction from the party grassroots, we present the following amendment to the Bylaws. We wish to uphold GPUS commitment to ethics and avoidance of conflicts of interest, while also upholding the right of state parties to democratically choose its own representation on the National Committee, and extending democracy to our workers by allowing participation as a rank & file delegate.


Insert the following paragraph at the end of ARTICLE II. MEMBERSHIP AND THE NATIONAL COMMITTEE, 2. National Committee:
Employees of the Green Party of the United States are encouraged to participate in their local and state parties to the extent they are able. Employees may serve as members of their state’s delegation to the National Committee, under the following conditions:
● That they recuse themselves from voting on, and lobbying for/against, the annual budget;
● That they recuse themselves from voting on, and lobbying for/against, any expansion of their job duties or any aspect of a strategic plan that impacts their position;
● That they recuse themselves from voting on, and lobbying for/against, candidates for election to the Steering Committee or leadership of committees whose scope would intersect with their job duties;
When such proposals are presented to the National Committee, state parties should arrange to appoint their alternate delegate to vote on these matters.


Immediate implementation of this rule change. Webmaster is instructed to update the content immediately upon passage, and the Steering Committee should immediately update the Personnel Manual to reflect this change.


Rules and Procedures of the Green Party of the United States,

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