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Proposal ID932
Proposal2018 Platform Amendmentl Ethical Treatment of Animals in Sports
PresenterPlatform Committee: Sponsored by Green Party of California
Floor ManagerGloria Mattera
Discussion08/20/2018 - 09/16/2018
Voting09/17/2018 - 09/23/2018
Presens Quorum33 0.6666
Consens Quorum53 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


Regarding the animals in entertainment bullet point, it is time to expand this to all animal entertainment rather than how it currently reads of banning exploitation of animals in only violent sporting events. With the recent outrage regarding Sea World and Ringling Bros, let’s stop using animals for all sorts of human amusement/entertainment. Please note that the revision does not list all venues where animals are used for entertainment, but rather states “….including but not limited to….”


Amend Chapter III, Section K. Ethical Treatment of Animals point number 9 to read:
Ban the exploitation of animals in entertainment and sports, where abuse occurs, including but not limited to cock fighting, rodeos, horse and dog racing, pigeon shoots, circuses, zoos, and marine parks. Send currently captive animals to sanctuaries.


Approval of this proposal will amend the 2018 GPUS Platform,



Platform Committee - Bruce Hinkforth, co-chair,, 262-569-1370; Linda Cree, co-chair,, 906-942-7076
Califormia - Peggy Koteen,; 805.441.5897; Tarik Kanaana,

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