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Proposal ID953
ProposalAmend Platform Process and Timeline
PresenterPlatform Committee
Floor ManagerAnita Rios
Discussion03/11/2019 - 03/24/2019
Voting03/25/2019 - 03/31/2019
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum52 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


Proposal 868 is the most recent version of the timeline and process for the platform amendment cycles in both those years when there is a Presidential Nominating Convention and the midterm years in between. One of the biggest criticisms of this past year's platform amendment cycle was that it dragged on too long. Delegates complained that they should not have to consider platform amendments while they are also in the final months of campaigning prior to partisan elections in November.

The proposal below moves the starting and ending dates for the submission of platform amendment proposals forward from the current June 1st to December 31st to April 1st to September 30th.

The proposal below also sets a common deadline for submission of proposals to the National Committee for consideration and voting in both those years when there is a Presidential nominating Convention and the midterm years. Current the deadline for approval of platform amendments during midterm years has no deadline.

The December 31st deadline, coming in the middle of the winter holidays, also led to most proposals being submitted during the last week of the submission period, very many on the actual last day. Hopefully an earlier starting date and deadline will help alleviate this problem.

Another issue that the Platform Committee had this last cycle was that many platform amendment proposals did not follow the template for submitting amendment proposals posted on the Platcom web page. Some proposal sponsors assumed it was the Platform Committee’s duty to rewrite and adjust amendment proposal to fit the required template. The proposal below adds language to emphasize the need of all amendment sponsors to conform to the guidelines for submissions posted on our GPUS web page to make it clear that amendment proposals that do not follow the
guidelines can and will be rejected and sent back to their sponsors.

Finally, the proposal below reduces and condenses the language of Article XII of the Rules and procedures of the Green Party of the United States.


The Green Party of the United Status (GPUS) National Committee (NC) shall approve the amendment to ARTICLE XII: PLATFORM AMENDMENT PROCESS AND TIMELINE of GPUS National Committee Rules and Procedures as follows:

12-1.1 April 1 until September 30 of the odd numbered year preceding the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention or the odd numbered midterm year between conventions:

A six-month open submissions period begins. Amendment proposals must be submitted according to the template for submissions posted on the Platform Committee website.

The opening of the new platform cycle will be announced to the GPUS National Committee votes list, along with submission process guidelines. Delegates are charged with informing their state parties and caucuses about the timeline and process requirements.

12-1.2 September 30 Submissions close. No new amendment proposals will be accepted.

12-1.3 As soon as an amendment proposal which conforms to the template for submissions posted on the Platform Committee website has been submitted and accepted, Platform Committee members will be assigned to immediately begin work with sponsors and authors and their respective
state, caucus or committee contacts to edit language and style and to resolve any conflicts and problems. The Platform Committee shall work with amendment sponsors to correct any typographic, grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors, and to promote consistency in style of layout with the rest of the GPUS Platform.

12-1.4 If a platform amendment proposal is submitted that does not conform to the template for submissions posted on the Platform Committee website, the amendment sponsors shall be so informed by the Co-Chairs of the Platform Committee of the rejection of their amendment proposal and the reasons for not accepting the proposal. Amendment proposals may be resubmitted for consideration after the reasons for its rejection have been corrected.

12-1.5 Amendment proposals shall be posted on the Platform Committee ebssite for reading for a minimum period of six weeks as soon as any editing for language and style or resolution of conflicts and problems have been completed. Suggestions for modification may be accepted by the
sponsors during this period who must then inform the Platform Committee of any changes in the amendment proposal.

12-1.6 After the requirements of rule 12-1.5 have been met, and with the consent of the sponsors, the platform committee will submit amendment proposals individually to the GPUS Steering Committee forsubmission to the GPUS National Committee for consideration.

12-1.7 All platform amendment proposals must be submitted to the GPUS Steering Committee by the GPUS Platform Committee co-chairs on behalf of the committee no later than February 1 of an even numbered year including the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention or the even numbered midterm year between conventions. The Steering Committee must either approve and submit the proposed platform amendments to the GPUS National Committee for their consideration or approve
findings that state how the proposal does not comply and how it can be corrected by March 1.

12-1.8 Consideration of all proposals by the GPUS National Committee shall begin on the regular starting dates (Mondays) as established inGPUS Rules and Procedures Article VI and shall be for the maximum length of discussion of four weeks, as established in GPUS Rules and Procedures
Article VI.

12-1.9 The Platform Committee shall be listed on all proposals as the presenter, followed by the sponsoring state or caucus as the sponsor. Proposal sponsors retain the right to make amendments to those proposals, as established in GPUS Rules and Procedures Article VI, during the discussion period.

12-1.10 Housekeeping amendments, limited to corrections of grammar, style and format can be made by the Platform Committee, in collaboration with amendment sponsors, at any time throughout this process. 12-1.11 Once all Platform Amendment proposals have been either accepted or rejected by vote of the Presidential Nominating Convention or National Committee in midterm years, the Platform Committee shall work with the GPUS webmaster to ensure that any
amendments to the Platform approved shall be promptly reflected on the GPUS web page under the headline GPUS Platform, and that such an amended platform is published in both text and pdf format.

12-2 Process for approving the Draft Platform at the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention:

12-2.1 April 1 of the convention year A draft version of amendments approved by the GPUS National Committee to amend the platform shall be published on the Platform Committee website for reading. This posting will be announced to the GPUS National Committee and delegates are
charged with informing their state parties and their state's PNC delegates about this posting and its content, and the PNC procedures for approval.

12-2.2 Presidential Nominating Convention The Platform Committee will schedule platform hearings in a workshop format at least a day before the final vote, for discussions, questions, and answers concerning changes and additions to the platform. No substantial changes or new
amendments can be introduced at this stage.


Approval of this proposal will amend the Rules and Procedures of the Green Party of the United States

CONTACT: Bruce Hinkforth, co-chair,, 262-569-1370


Prop 868
GPUS Rules and Procedures

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