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Proposal ID982
Proposal2020 PNC Delegate Apportionment
PresenterApportionment Tabulation Committee
Floor ManagerTony Ndege
Discussion11/18/2019 - 12/01/2019
Voting12/02/2019 - 12/08/2019
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum44 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


Section 3-1. Size and Apportionment of Presidential Nominating Convention
3-1.1 The Presidential Nominating Convention shall consist of 400 +/- 2 delegates, to be allocated as follows: a) 4 delegates from each of the states where there is not an accredited state party, or where there is an accredited state party which is considered inactive under GPUS rules; b) 2 delegates from each of the unincorporated organized United States territories of Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and United States Virgin Islands; c) 2 delegates selected by and from the ranks of each accredited GPUS caucus; d) the remaining number of delegates from states with an accredited and active state party, to be allocated based upon the formula delineated in Section 3-2;


The Apportionment Tabulation Committee hereby submits its report of Apportionment Tabulation of 2020 Presidential Nominating Convention Delegates from active, affiliated state Green parties, for approval by the National Committee. The apportionment numbers are given as follows: for each active, affiliated state, the number of apportioned delegates, with the change (if any) from the previous apportionment in parentheses.
The spreadsheet showing precisely how these numbers were calculated will also be made available to delegates by a URL link to a shared document.
The Apportionment is as follows:
Alabama, 4
Alaska 4,
Arizona, 6
Arkansas, 4 (-5)
California, 43 (-20)
Colorado, 7 (+2)
Connecticut, 11 (+4)
Delaware, 4
District of Columbia, 4
Florida, 9 (+2)
Georgia, 4
Hawaii, 4
Idaho 4,
Illinois, 27 (+4)
Indiana, 4
Iowa, 4
Kansas, 4
Kentucky, 4
Louisiana, 4
Maine, 12 (+1)
Maryland, 8 (+2)
Massachusetts, 11 (+1)
Michigan, 15
Minnesota, 6 (-1)
Mississippi, 4
Missouri, 7 (+3)
Montana, 4
Nebraska, 4
Nevada 4,
New Hampshire 4,
New Jersey, 5
New Mexico, 4
New York, 21 (+3)
North Carolina, 4
North Dakota 4,
Ohio, 7 (-2)
Oklahoma, 4
Oregon, 7 (-1)
Pennsylvania, 11 (+2)
Rhode Island, 4
South Carolina, 4 (-4)
South Dakota 4,
Tennessee, 4
Texas, 26 (+3)
Utah, 4
Vermont 4,
Virginia, 5 (+1)
Washington, 5
West Virginia, 5 (+1)
Wisconsin, 4 (-4)
Wyoming 4
Black, 4
Latinx, 4
Lavender, 4
Women's, 4
Youth, 4
Guam, 2
Northern Mariana Islands, 2
Puerto Rico, 2
US Virgin Islands, 2
TOTAL: 402
 This tabulation was approved by the members of the Apportionment Tabulation Committee: Timothy Runkle, Guy Benintendi, Jody Grage, Sanda Everett, Adam Davis, James Lane, B. Sidney Smith


B. Sidney Smith, committee chair,


Apportionment Tabulation Committee:

Apportionment spreadsheet:

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