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Proposal ID987
Proposal2020 Platform Amendment: Chapter III, Section N International Environmental Policy
PresenterPlatform Committee Sponsor Eco-Action Committee
Floor ManagerMargaret Flowers
Discussion01/13/2020 - 02/09/2020
Voting02/10/2020 - 02/16/2020
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum48 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes




Amend Chapter III, Ecological Sustainability, by adding a new Section N. International Environmental Policy

Proposed new section N:
GPUS believes that an international agreement should be reached which sets (1) an executable and enforceable framework for keeping Earth well within its 7 measurable planetary boundaries (currently including climate change, biosphere integrity, land-system change, freshwater use, biogeochemical flows, ocean acidification, and stratospheric ozone depletion) (2) an executable and enforceable framework for the designation of at least 50% of the planet as a nature reserve and (3) international protections, funding, and legal personhood to large swaths of wildlands like the Brazilian Amazon and Nile River, including rivers longer than 1,500 km and wildlands larger than 1,000,000 acres.


Approval of this proposal will amend the 2020 GPUS Platform.
Platform Committee; Co-chairs Bruce Hinkforth, Tim Willard
Eco-Action Committee; Co-chairs Audrey Clement, Frank Jeffers


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