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Proposal ID988
Proposal2020 Platform Amendment: Chapter III, Section O Disaster Preparedness
PresenterPlatform Committee Sponsor: Eco-Action Committee
Floor ManagerGloria Mattera
Discussion01/20/2020 - 02/16/2020
Voting02/17/2020 - 02/23/2020
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum36 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes




Amend Chapter III, Ecological Sustainability, by adding new Section O, Disaster Preparedness

Proposed Changes
Solidify public health and safety above all else during natural disasters. Work with as many coalitions, volunteers, private entities, entrepreneurs, and government organizations as possible to coordinate mass efforts in helping people effected by increasingly frequent and extreme natural disasters. Do the same for manmade disasters such as oil spills and nuclear catastrophes.
Enhance the disaster management database to diligently track ongoing disaster management and cleanup efforts that are clearly communicated and only allow people to return to their homes when independent organizations have verified safe, habitable conditions. Improve database management through enhanced efforts with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Expand the U.N. definition of a refugee to specifically include those displaced by environmental conditions.
Double FEMAís annual budget with appropriations diverted from the military budget, and give our nationís servicemen and servicewomen the first opportunity to serve the public safety and wellbeing of their communities on the frontlines of the most pressing security concern of the 21st and 22nd centuries: Climate Change. Further, we call upon the government to pay off the debts of the National Flood Insurance program.
Ensure publicly-funded temporary housing to individuals and families displaced by climate-related environmental disasters such as flooding, fires, hurricanes, firenadoes, mudslides, and more through a universal, publicly-funded climate-disaster insurance system.


Approval of this proposal will amend the 2020 GPUS Platform.
Platform Committee; Co-chairs Bruce Hinkforth, Tim Willard
Eco-Action Committee; Co-chairs Audrey Clement, Frank Jeffers



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