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Proposal Vote Results

Proposal ID1040
ProposalAccreditation Rules, Amend Clarify Recusal Rule
Floor ManagerTamar Yager
Results Failed

116 Total Votes Received from 43 States/Caucuses

Presens Quorum32 - 0.6666 of 48 Accredited States/Caucuses
Consens Quorum57 - A Majority of 113 Yes and No Votes

Votes Received

ArizonaNoSam Hales
ArizonaNoLiana West
ArkansasNoRyan Giglio
ArkansasNoRobin Rumph
Black CaucusNoJames Lane
CaliforniaNoJosefina Aranda
CaliforniaNoJan Arnold
CaliforniaNoMarla Bernstein
CaliforniaNoJune Brashares
CaliforniaNoDiana C. Brown
CaliforniaNoSusan Chunco
CaliforniaNoMike Feinstein
CaliforniaNoRichard Gomez
CaliforniaNoRick Greenblatt
CaliforniaNoTarik Kanaana
CaliforniaNoNoura Khouri
CaliforniaNoPeggy Koteen
CaliforniaNoSusan Lamont
CaliforniaNoNassim Nouri
CaliforniaNoCordula Ohman
CaliforniaNoRohan Sabnis
CaliforniaNoPhoebe Anne Sorgen
ColoradoNoSierra Garcia
ColoradoNoDesmond Wallington
ConnecticutAbstainTimothy L. McKee
ConnecticutNoCora Santaguida
DelawareNoBernie August
DelawareNoDavid McCorquodale
District of ColumbiaNoMike Byrne
District of ColumbiaNoDarryl Moch
FloridaNoMaggie Gouldin
FloridaNoHenry Lawrence III
FloridaNoRose Roby
GeorgiaYesJimmy Cooper
GeorgiaYesJohn Fortuin
HawaiiNoBudd Dickinson
HawaiiNoN. Nikhilananda
IllinoisNoJack Ailey
IllinoisNoDavid Black
IllinoisNoChris Blankenhorn
IllinoisNoGini Lester
IllinoisNoAJ Reed
IllinoisNoAnna Schiefelbein
IndianaAbstainSarah Dillon
IndianaYesJeff Sutter
IowaNoHolly Hart
KansasNoNick Blessing
Latinx CaucusNoWilliam Nogueras
Lavender CaucusNoMargaret Elisabeth
Lavender CaucusNoShannel Pittman
LouisianaYesMorgan Moss Jr
LouisianaNoChris Stella
MaineNoJacqui Deveneau
MaineNoPatricia Trish Jackson
MaineNoJake Kulaw
MaineNoLyn Maravell
MaineNoJohn Rensenbrink
MarylandNoAndy Ellis
MassachusettsYesMaureen Doyle
MassachusettsNoDavid Gerry
MassachusettsNoJamie Guerin
MassachusettsYesDavid Keil
MichiganNoRita Jacobs
MichiganNoJohn Anthony La Pietra
MichiganNoRobin Laurain
MichiganNoTom Mair
MichiganNoRegina Stone-Grover
MississippiYesJan Hillegas
MissouriNoRon Burch
MissouriNoFrank Lawrence
MissouriAbstainChris Mann
NebraskaNoCharles Ostdiek
NevadaNoMargery Hanson
NevadaNoCarrie Anne Harrington
New JerseyNoKim Meudt
New MexicoNoStephen Verchinski
New YorkNoAdrienne Craig-Williams
New YorkNoBarbara Kidney
New YorkNoDani Liebling
New YorkNoGloria Mattera
New YorkNoJoseph Naham
New YorkNoSandy Przybylak
New YorkNoCraig Seeman
North CarolinaNoTommie James
North CarolinaNoMichael Trudeau
OhioNoPhilena Farley
OhioNoNathan Lane
OhioYesDonald Rucknagel
OregonYesMike Beilstein
OregonNoChuck Fall
OregonYesT. Oliver
PennsylvaniaNoHillary Kane
PennsylvaniaNoBeth Scroggin
PennsylvaniaNoJay Walker
PennsylvaniaNoGarret Wasserman
South CarolinaNoJessica Lazenby
South CarolinaNoDavid Whiteman
TennesseeNoElizabeth Dachowski
TennesseeNoTrevor Miles
TexasNoTravis Christal
TexasNoHunter Crow
TexasNoNancy Gaige
TexasNoWesson Gaige
TexasNoKatija Gruene
TexasNoLaura Palmer
UtahNoBrendan Phillips
VirginiaNoSid Smith
VirginiaNoTom Yager
WashingtonNoNina Manuel Magnoni
WashingtonNoNoah Martin
West VirginiaNoFrank Young
WisconsinNoDavid Schwab
Women's CaucusNoSanda Everette
Women's CaucusNoTamar Yager
Youth CaucusNoAustin Bashore
Youth CaucusNoMatthew Skolar

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