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Ranked Choice Vote Details

Ranked Choice Vote ID681
Ranked Choice Vote2012 Election of GPUS Steering Committee Co-chairs
TypeSecret Ballot Revealed at Close of Polls
Number of Seats3
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorBudd Dickinson
Discussion06/18/2012 - 07/07/2012
Voting07/08/2012 - 07/14/2012
Presens Quorum 0.6666
Candidates Charles Ostdiek
AJ Segneri
Rhett Smith
Tamar Yager
Karen Young


This online, ranked choice vote will elect 3 Co-chairs to the Steering Committee.

About Steering Committee Elections

GPUS Bylaws, article IV. The Steering Committee

GPUS Rules & Procedures, Section 1. Powers of Steering Committee

Candidate Information

Charles Ostdiek

My dear friends on the National Committee,
  I've had such encouragement that I've decided to again enter my name for
consideration as one of your next Co-Chairs of the Steering Committee.
  Many of you voted for me as your first choice a few months ago. It was
even more affirmative in the second round, that had Delegate Welzer, an
eminently capable organizer, not been chosen, I would have been selected.
  Below is a more detailed bio than the brief summary I last provided.
  Please will you all give me your sincerest thoughts, and then your votes,
for one of your next Co-Chairs of the GPUS.
Thank you all so much,
--charles ostdiek
Delegate, Nebraska Green Party
Gretna High School - '83
  National Honor Society
B.A. Philosophy, Creighton University - '93
  Area of concentration - Comparative Philosophy and Religion
  Phi Sigma Tau - Philosophy Honor Society
University of Nebraska Lincoln - '95
  Master's Degree course work - Philosophy

McFoster's Natural Kind Cafe - '94-'95/'96-present
  Chef Garde Manger
  Salad Chef
  Website Admin
  Facebook Fanpage Admin
  Office Assistant, Newsletter Editing, Menu Editing/Layout/Production

Nebraska Conservation Council - '96
  Door-to-Door Fundraiser for Wind Energy State Legislative Lobbying

Mr. Video Productions - '07-'10
  Live Event Videographer
  Live Video Capture/Uploading
  Media Management and Duplication
  Technical Production

-Campaign Work-
 Campaign Manager, LaVerne Thraen for OPPD '12
 Media Advisor, LaVerne Thraen for OPPD '08
 Campaign Volunteer - Frances Mendenhall/Tom Foster for OPPD '02
NGP Candidates for Federal, State and Local offices
- '02, '04, '06, '08

Founding Member, NGP - '00
GPUS, National Committee Delegate - '08-present
  GPUS committee work - BRPP, Media A/V Subcommittee, NE PlatCom Liaison
  Co-Chair, NGP EXCom - '10-'11
  State Council Rep., 2nd Cong. Dist. -
  NGP committee work - Creator/Co-Admin NGP Facebook Fanpage, "Green
Focus" Newsletter, Legislative Issues Co-Chair, Materials and Publications,

--"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana." (MIT AI program)

AJ Segneri

My name is AJ Segneri. I am a delegate from Illinois who is seeking your
vote to serve on the Steering Committee.

MY experience in the Green Party has been working in various capacities on
the state and national level. On the state level I have worked to recruit
candidates, as well as building the state party. I have served on state and
federal campaigns where I held senior staff positions. The membership in
the Illinois Green Party elected me to serve as their state party
Treasurer, then as their Membership Steward. When I previously lived in
Wisconsin the membership elected me as their Co-Chair.

On the national level I have served on committees; such as Ballot Access,
Platform, and Presidential Campaign Support, where I served as a Co-Chair.
I am also involved in the Lavender Caucus where I am currently the
Treasurer since 2009, and currently organizing to get the Youth Caucus

Outside of my Green Party activity I have been involved as an activist for
over 12 years. During that time I have organized issue-based campaign
efforts in the areas of social justice, economic rights, LGBT rights,
education, the arts, and the environment. This came to serving on board of
directors, advisory councils, and training new staff and volunteers.
Currently I served as the Executive Director for the Foundation for a
United Front as well as being a writing contributor for Independent Voter

Between my work in politics and activism I gained experience to recruit and
coordinate volunteers, oversee budgets, handling legal issues, being a team
player, create diplomacy, building consensus, and dealing with the media
just to name a few. Those who know me that my intentions to serve on the
Steering Committee would be to build our national party. By building party
would be having a civil conversation with individuals that is doing the
work in committees, plus working with delegates on independent projects.
Building the party also meets to create a network with those individuals
and organizations that support the Green Party, and articulate that support
in the form of fundraising efforts, contributing, and/or supporting Green

Our party can be an organization that is not only out front on the issues,
but also out front in the media and in other avenues. We can achieve this
again by having civil conversations and have working strategic plans in the
areas that need to be strengthen. Progress works from within
and radiant outwards, rather than just doing things and seeing the results
come in.

I am looking forward to your support in the upcoming Steering Committee
election, and I will you see all in Baltimore!

AJ Segneri
ILGP Delegate
Lavender Caucus, Treasurer

Rhett Smith

graduated Eastland High School, Eastland,TX-selected Outstanding Student-1968;
 admitted to Univ.Texas,Plan II(pre-Law)1968; married Annalyn Garrett-1971; Bachelor of Arts,U.T.-Austin '73-Accounting major;
 Auditor/Accountant-TX.DEPT. Human Services 1973-77; two children
 Enlisted U.S.Navy 1979-1983; divorced 1979;
 Private security guard (Stanley Smith Security which was acquired by AlliedBarton Security, 1983-present)
2004 elected in Democratic party primary for Tex. 21st Congressional District, lost to Republican incumbent Lamar Smith-2004 general election
2005 candidate for Mayor- San Antonio,TX
2006 became more active in civil rights--LULAC, NAACP, ACLU, Inter-religious Council of San Antonio
2007 candidate for Mayor- San Antonio,TX
2008 candidate for U.S.Senator, Democratic party primary (received over 200,000 votes in four way race) lost to nominee, who lost to Rep. incumbent John Cornyn
2009 candidate for Mayor- San Antonio,Tex;
2010 Joined Americans United for Separation of Church and State, current Board member. member American Legion, Post #2, San Antonio,Tx; Co-founded Veterans for Education Reform-1st Amendment(Texas nonprofit) to advocate
  for change to Texas State Board of Education social studies curriculum
2010 write-in candidate for U.S.Congress Tex. 20th Congressional District, lost to Democratic incumbent Charles Gonzalez
2011 candidate for Mayor- San Antonio, Tx Am United for Sep. of Church and State--Committee to organize First Amendment Day celebration in San Antonio,Tx
P.O.Box 17271, San Antonio,TX 78217 phone:(210)300-4750
Affirmative Action for Native Americans

Tamar Yager

Dear Green Friends,

Below is my very short bio to serve another term on the Steering
Committee. I hope I can count on your vote. I will send more detailed
ideas later about some of my hopes and dreams.

Major accomplishments as a Steering Committee Co-Chair

  * Served as staff supervisor.
  * Worked with the treasurer to implement a payroll tracking system
  that will help us budget for staffing.
  * Served as liaison to the Annual National Meeting Committee (ANMC),
  Delegate Apportionment Committee (DAC), and co-liaison to the
  Fundraising Committee.

Green Party Activities

  * Elected Co-Chair of DAC

·Virginia Delegate/Alternate for 4 non-consecutive years

·GPUS Fundraising Manager from 2008-2010 until layoff

·Serve as an active member of ANMC

·Established and implemented a stipend program for travel/lodging for
low-income ANM/PNC attendees

·Served as Fundraising Director for Josh Reubner campaign in
Virginia.Volunteered for Miriam Gennari for School Board and Kevin
Chisholm for County Board (Virginia), and Jesse Johnson for US Senate
campaign in 2010

·Assisted in ballot access efforts in Virginia

·Working with Kentucky Greens to establish a state party

My hopes and dreams for the party are many. Here are a few:

  * Affliliated parties in all states.
  * Every Green should be a donor at /some/ level -- I am currently a
  * We need ballot access in EVERY state.
  * More registered Greens.
  * Learn to spend less time on internal processes and more time
  spreading the Ten Key Values.
  * We need more Greens in office at all levels.
  * We need more active committees and we need to empower the committees
  to do their work without micromanaging.

Tamar Yager

703-534-2187 or 502-296-3849

Karen Young

I am seeking your support for my election to the Steering Committee. I feel my accomplishments, commitment, and service to the party at many levels, as well as my management and leadership experience outside the party, make me well qualified for this position.
If elected to the Steering Committee, some of my priorities for the party will be:
- To re-engage the strategic planning process begun in 2004, to deliver a strategic plan, and to unite the party behind it.
- To improve the culture of GPUS so we can focus on achieving our goals, including making our listservs functional; recruiting for our committees and making them functional; facilitating communication among states; and radically reducing the time spent on discussing rules.
- To develop compelling messaging and communication for the party, including a revamp of our GPUS website.
- To improve our fundraising infrastructure and results, and engage the SC as well as a broader range of members, in the fundraising effort.
My Green Party Background
I became a national delegate in 2009, and also became the Co-Chair of the GPUS Fundraising Committee, where I will be termed out this year. While we have not increased our results as much as I would like, I am pleased with some of our achievements.
This year for the first time, we have a functional donor database. We have an excellent fundraising director We have improvement in relations between GPUS and states, in terms of list sharing and reduction of hostilities. We have a planned giving program in place, and will roll out a donor recognition program in 2013. Perhaps most importantly, I have gained an intimate knowledge of our fundraising challenges.
I first joined the IL Green Party in 2002 and have been active in New York since 2008.
Karen Young


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