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Proposal ID356
ProposalAmend GPUS Bylaws: Allow SC Nominations and Elections on Same Day
PresenterSteering Committee
Floor ManagerPhil Huckelberry
Discussion06/23/2008 - 06/29/2008
Voting06/30/2008 - 07/06/2008
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum68 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


Spacial issues and concerns over National Committee delegates being available have caused the Steering Committee to only schedule National Committee meetings for Friday and Sunday. The SC originally scheduled co-chair and treasurer elections for Friday, then realized there is a sentence in the GPUS Bylaws specifying that candidate nomination and announcement be held a separate date from the vote.

Since it is important for delegates to leave Chicago knowing who the new Steering Committee will be, and it was hoped that there could be an announcement during nomination proceedings on Saturday, or at the NC meeting on Sunday morning, of newly elected SC members, it behooves the National Committee to conduct elections on Friday instead of Sunday. Tabulation is a lengthy process running multiple hours, so Sunday morning elections would almost certainly not result in an announcement until after NC adjournment on Sunday. Given the two other possibilities - trying to cram an NC meeting into an awkward room and time on Thursday, and delaying elections until Sunday and having the announcement be late - the SC has decided to put forth this proposal amending GPUS Bylaws to delete the sentence which would preclude the election from being held on Friday as had been scheduled.


The Green National Committee hereby amends the Bylaws of the Green Party of the United States thusly:

In Article VI, Section A (Nomination), strike the final sentence of the section, which currently reads:


The official nomination and announcement of candidates and the elections will be held on separate days during the Green Party annual meeting.


The new section with the final sentence stricken would then read:


A. Nomination

At least two months before a national Green Party gathering, the Secretary of the GPUS shall ask members of the National Committee for nominations for the various offices. One month shall be given for all nominations to be submitted. Once all the nominations have been received by the secretary, candidates shall submit a short biography online for all delegates to read at least two weeks before the convening of the next Green Party gathering. Nominations will reopen at a specified part of the Agenda at the Annual National Committee Meeting.



As Specified.


GPUS Bylaws, Article VI

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