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Proposal ID591
ProposalEndorse United National Antiwar Committee UNAC Bicoastal Demonstrations April 9th
PresenterGreen Party of New York State, Green Party of California
Floor ManagerHolly Hart
Discussion02/21/2011 - 03/06/2011
Voting03/07/2011 - 03/13/2011
Presens Quorum31 0.6666
Consens Quorum43 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


The UNAC was formed at a conference in Albany NY in July 2010 to fill
the need for a democratic, independent, non-sectarian, and broad-based
national antiwar coalition.

The UNAC is organizing an antiwar demonstration to take place on April 9th, 2011 in New York City and San Francisco. The rally has the following demands:

“WE DEMAND Bring U.S. Troops, Mercenaries and War Contractors Home Now: Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan! End the sanctions and stop the threats of war against the people of Iran, North Korea and Yemen. No to war and plunder of the people of Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Native People! End U.S. Aid to Israel! End U.S. Support to the Israeli Occupation of Palestine and the Siege of Gaza!

 WE DEMAND trillions for jobs, education, social services, an end to all foreclosures, quality single-payer healthcare for all, a massive conversion to sustainable and planet-saving energy systems and public transportation and reparations to the victims of U.S. terror at home and abroad.

 WE DEMAND an end to FBI raids on antiwar, social justice, and international solidarity activists, an end to the racist persecution
and prosecutions that ravage Muslim communities, an end to police terror in Black and Latino communities, full rights and legality for immigrants and an end to all efforts to repress and punish Wikileaks and its contributors and founders.

 WE DEMAND the immediate end to torture, rendition, secret trials, drone bombings and death squads.”

Endorsers of the rally already include:

Green Party of New York
Green Party of New York City Committee
Californian Green Party
San Francisco Green Party


The GPUS National Committee Endorses the Antiwar Demonstrations organized by the United National Antiwar Committee, held on April 9th, 2011, in New York City and April 10, 2011, in San Francisco.


No fee or additional actions required for endorsement.


Michael Welch
Peter LaVenia
Howie Hawkins

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