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Proposal Vote Results

Proposal ID388
ProposalTo Sustain the Implementation of the Procedural Motion Policy in Regard to Timeframe
Floor ManagerHolly Hart
Results Failed: Quorum Not Met

84 Total Votes Received from 33 States/Caucuses

Presens Quorum34 - 0.6666 of 50 Accredited States/Caucuses
Consens Quorum0 - A Majority of 70 Yes and No Votes

Votes Received

ArizonaYesAndrew Spencer
ArkansasYesMark Jenkins
ArkansasAbstainJim Lendall
CaliforniaNoSara Amir
CaliforniaNoJosefina Aranda
CaliforniaNoJan Arnold
CaliforniaYesWarner Bloomberg
CaliforniaNoJune Brashares
CaliforniaNoConor Dixon
CaliforniaAbstainSanda Everette
CaliforniaNoMike Feinstein
CaliforniaAbstainMarnie Glickman
CaliforniaNoWoody Hastings
CaliforniaNoForrest Hill
CaliforniaNoLisa Hsu
CaliforniaNoGreg Jan
CaliforniaYesPerrine Kelly
CaliforniaNoPeggy Koteen
CaliforniaNoJack Lindblad
CaliforniaNoGenevieve Marcus
CaliforniaNoBob Marsh
CaliforniaNoOrval Osborne
CaliforniaNoLinda Piera-Avila
CaliforniaNoDana Silvernale
CaliforniaNoAkio Tanaka
CaliforniaNoKate Tanaka
CaliforniaNoLisa Taylor
CaliforniaNoTor Thorsen
CaliforniaNoMartin Zehr
ColoradoNoTom Kelly
ConnecticutYesCharlie Pillsbury
DelawareNoDavid McCorquodale
GeorgiaYesHarry Rezzemini
IllinoisYesTom Abram
IllinoisYesCraig Brozefsky
IllinoisYesPhil Huckelberry
IllinoisAbstainGini Lester
IllinoisYesSusan Rodgers
IllinoisYesAJ Segneri
IndianaAbstainSarah Dillon
IndianaNoJay R.S. Parks
IowaYesFlorence Boos
KansasYesPaul Krumm
LouisianaAbstainRobert Caldwell
LouisianaNoLes Evenchick
MaineYesMorgen D'Arc
MaineYesJacqui Deveneau
MaineYesAnna Trevorrow
MarylandNoTim Willard
MichiganNoLinda Cree
MichiganNoLouis Novak
MinnesotaAbstainDavid Dittmann
MinnesotaAbstainFarheen Hakeem
MississippiNoJan Hillegas
MississippiNoJohn Wages
MontanaAbstainPaul Stephens
NebraskaNoTom McCormick
NebraskaNoCharles Ostdiek
New JerseyAbstainRoger Merle
New YorkNoHowie Hawkins
New YorkYesJason Nabewaniec
New YorkNoRoger Snyder
North CarolinaNoKai Schwandes
OhioAbstainKimberly Wise
OregonNoSteve Geiger
OregonYesTeresa Keane
OregonNoPaul Loney
PennsylvaniaYesHillary Kane
PennsylvaniaAbstainBob Small
Rhode IslandYesTony Affigne
South CarolinaYesDavid Whiteman
TennesseeAbstainJohn Miglietta
TexasYesEsther Choi
TexasYesDon Cook
UtahYesDee Taylor
VirginiaNoAudrey Clement
VirginiaNoChristopher Fink
West VirginiaNoKaren Grubb
West VirginiaNoFrank Young
WisconsinYesJill Bussiere
WisconsinYesRon Hardy
WisconsinAbstainSteve Herrick
WisconsinNoBruce Hinkforth
WisconsinYesJeff Peterson

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